Lisa Bluder Postgame News Conference Transcript

Nov. 14, 2014


COACH BLUDER: I thought it was a good first game of the year for us. I feel like our offense is clicking pretty well for this early in the year. Obviously, we shot the ball very well from both the two point and three point line, but I was happy to see the amount of assists… 27 assists on 35 baskets. Again, I love the team work there. I love that we’re looking for good shots, we’re finding people in transition.

I thought our transition game was very good tonight. We got a lot of easy scores, got to the free throw line because of that. Five people in double figures, I enjoy that kind of balance, so that was really nice to see as well.


Q. Coach, the four freshmen got in pretty early into the rotation. Is that something you plan to do even in more tightly contested games, get all four of them in?
COACH BLUDER: That’s the plan right now. You have to see how things shake out obviously, but right now they earn the opportunity to go in there another day and to do as well.

Q. How do you think they did?
I think they did very well. I think Whitney had some good open looks. I thought all of her looks were good. Little short on a couple of them, but she’ll be there, so I’m not concerned about that. I thought Carly did a good job crashing the boards. She had three offensive rebounds for us, so that was nice to see. I thought, again, they did a really nice job for the first time out.

Q. What did you learn about your team tonight do you think?
I thought we were a little jittery to begin with. I think we were a little nervous. We had a couple of turnovers to begin this game. But I think we all proved our identity again is assists, passing the ball, running, and so that’s kind of who we are.

Q. Coach, what does it say about the offense this early in the season to set a school record for points in a game first game out of the chute?
Yeah, it was kind of fun. It’s fun to set a school record. That record has stood for 20 years, as I understand which some of these guys weren’t even born then. So it’s been a long time coming. But, hey, we went down since the St. Ambrose game too.

Q. We talked about it a little bit on Wednesday. Now you have this quick turnaround, 36 hours or so and you’re right back here. How do you manage that? I know you talked Wednesday that you’ve got to put in the stuff for Sunday, yet you can’t push them too hard the day after and the day before a game.
Yeah, it’s pretty unusual for us to only have one day of preparation in between games, so basically I have to back off a little bit. They’ll probably smile about that. But, yeah, we just have to spend the day getting ready for Robert Morris.

It’s their first game, so we don’t know what they’re going to do. We have to go on what they did last year. Again, this is a good team. They were in the last three NCAA tournaments and returned four starters, so it goes up a notch, a big notch on Sunday. But we need to get in the gym and shoot and go through Robert Morris tomorrow.

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