Iowa vs. Nebraska Postgame Quotes

Nov. 27, 2015

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Opening Statement

“We’re thrilled to get the victory and it was hard fought. We knew that coming in it was going to be a tough environment and a tough team to play against. Just really excited about getting the victory and really happy for our players. I told them, I said, ‘I don’t really know what to say.’ I’ve never been around a team that is 12-0. I’m a little bit speechless on that. It is just an unbelievable accomplishment. Unbelievable effort by the players today. We said back in August, our goal is to be a championship level team, a Big Ten championship level team. So today we moved one step closer and we are very happy about that. A couple of things this team has done this season, they’ve done a great job of taking each week by itself and they treat it with the importance it deserves to be treated with. I told them on Tuesday, they all know every game is as important as game 12. You talk about those kinds of things for players to understand and then act it out. That is impressive and they have done that. And beyond that this is a tough-minded group. They’ve been tough-minded really since the season began. They believe in each other and care about each other and that is a pretty good combination. We’re just really proud of our football team and proud of the staff and what they’ve done to prepare the team, the adjustments they have been making. I’m happy about that. I also just want to say it was great in the fourth quarter to hear our fans having some fun up there. Them for the first time to be able to say 12-0, chanting that is just fantastic. I appreciate them being here and I know we’ll see them in Indianapolis next week on top of it. All-in-all just a really special day and a really special achievement for our players. They deserved all of the good things that certainly came their way.”

On where this game stands on an emotional standard

“It was pretty good. That’s what makes this fun. The highs and the lows. If you’re going to be involved in that you get both. Today just to see, look at our players and what they’ve accomplished. It’s a pretty good feeling. I know our staff felt the same way. It’s a great thing.”

On recovering the onside kick, what was going through your mind

“First of all, all of us were nervous. You always run that situation, they still needed a two-point conversion. Unlike last week, this one came up big. Once that thing came up I felt pretty good. Then you know you got the game, that’s always a good feeling. Anytime we can take a knee, that’s as good as it gets in football. It’s just been a special thing for all of us.”

On how pretty a football team he thinks he has

“We’re not trying to be pretty, we are just trying to be productive. That has been our goal from day one. Football is not gymnastics. Gymnastics is a very demanding sport, an outstanding sport. Here it’s about having a little more point than your opponent. I’m trying to do it, day after day, week after week. That’s a challenge. These guys were 12-for-12, you can’t do anything better than that.”

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