10 Questions With Steve Ferentz

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What did you personally take away from last year?
“The biggest thing was the senior leadership that we had this last year. Guys like Austin Blythe and Jordan Walsh, on the offensive line, influenced what everyone else was doing across the board with our entire team. The leadership and team unity is important; staying focused at the task at hand.”
What kind of relationship do you need to have with the other guys on the offensive line?
“We need to be a tight knit unit, five guys out there, which is more than any other position on the field. Defensive backs occasionally get five guys. Communication is really big for us. It’s important to be able to work together, because we have a lot of injuries and it’s pretty common for us unfortunately. We need to build that chemistry with every guy to do your job and be comfortable.”
You are listed as a center on the depth chart, are there other positions you can play?
“The interior three, wherever they need me, I’m pretty flexible. If you can play guard then you can play center, and if you can play center, you can play guard. I am not big enough to play tackle, so you won’t see me out there. Sean Welsh and James Daniels are pretty good and can play all five positions.”
What is your favorite childhood cartoon? And why?
“I had a few, but Scooby-Doo was my favorite. I was never really a dog person growing up, but I loved Scooby-Doo. I thought it was a great show.”
What is your favorite app on your phone?
“I have the MLB app and I have been following the Cleveland Indians. They have been tearing it up all summer, so I’ve been using that a lot.”
With a secondary education major, what are your plans after football?
“I am hoping to be a high school American history teacher. I would also like to possibly coach some football and wrestling as well. I had a lot of great teachers when I was in high school and they offered me a lot of guidance.”
Your brother just won a superbowl, what was that experience like?
“It was incredible. And my other brother, Brian coached in the 2012 Super Bowl. This one was a lot different for me though, because I wasn’t in the middle of wrestling season, so I actually was able to go out and enjoy the whole thing. Being there the whole time was incredible. It was awesome to see how my brother’s career has gone. He has been a role model to me my whole life and to see him get a ring is special.”
What is it like having a family that is so involved in football?
“It’s good and fun. We work well together and we understand each other a little better than most people. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.”
What makes Kinnick Stadium so special?
“The fans and the tradition. We moved to Iowa when I was five, so I wanted to be a Hawkeye since I was five. The fans filling it up every Saturday is incredible. The tradition and Nile Kinnick, who is an absolute legend in every aspect, make it a very cool stadium to be in.”
Which teammate(s) have the best sense of humor? What makes him/them so funny?
“Jaleel Johnson. I can see him dancing right now. He is a pretty fun guy to be around.”