Q&A With Kyle Groeneweg

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Kyle Groeneweg is a senior wide receiver for the University of Iowa football team.  The Inwood, Iowa, native received the Team Leader Award on offense and special teams in 2017 after transferring from the University of Sioux Falls.

Why did you choose to continue your academic and football career at Iowa?
“The biggest thing for me was I always wanted to be a Hawkeye. I got the opportunity a year ago and I am trying to take advantage of it. My biggest concern is making the most of it.”
2018 FB Camp insertWhat did you learn on your journey to Iowa?
“Last year I sat out and I was able to watch from the back row and I learned a lot that way. I was also able to look at other people’s game and apply it to mine. During this entire process I have focused on being a positive contributor on this team as much as I can.”
How’s your relationship with (wide receivers) coach Kelton Copeland and what’s the biggest thing he has taught you thus far?
“Our relationship is great. He’s a great guy, has a great family, and we go to his house once a year to have dinner. I’ve been able to meet his family and that was great. He’s a great football coach, he doesn’t beat around the bush and he’s good at telling you what needs to be corrected.”
Now that preseason camp has begun, how have the first few practices gone?
“I think good. The focus is there, we all understand what needs to be to accomplished this year. Nothing ever comes easy and our practices are hard. We’re eight days into camp and it has been a grind, but it’s supposed to be. It has been a lot of fun in camp, getting the ball rolling.”
What’s one thing Hawkeye fans should know about you?
“I played the piano growing up and I miss it. I quit playing after only two years and I still have a few songs memorized, but I still wish I could go back and learn to play more than I can now.”
What does life after football and school look like for you?
“Well, my parents own their own business and have been doing it successfully for the last 20 years. It’s been a good experience watching that growing up and once college is over I’d like to go back and help my family’s business.”
What’s your favorite thing about Iowa City?
“I’d have to say the people within the Iowa football program. Without them Iowa City would be just a normal college town and I have another 100 brothers that are here with me. It makes this place really special.” 

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