On the Pool Deck: Matt Kamin

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Matt Kamin is a senior on the University of Iowa men’s swimming and diving team. Kamin was a member of the honorable mention All-America 200-free relay in 2018, and currently sits ninth in the 50 free and seventh in the 100 free in school history.

What goals does the team hope to accomplish this season?
“We want to race fast and win big meets. We’d like to come out with wins against all the big teams we have coming on our schedule. Being able to compete individually and on the relays is huge for us.”
swimming graphicWhat goals do you personally hope to accomplish this season?
“Right now I want to keep progressing through the season. My end goal is Big Tens and NCAAs, so that’s what I’m focused on in the end. Dropping time now and at Big Ten’s and trying to get into ‘A’ finals is where I’m at.”
How has the team transitioned from your junior year to senior year?
“We’ve transitioned very well. We had a breakout season last year after scoring a lot of points at Big Ten’s and winning some key meets like Minnesota. The conference got a lot more competitive last year for us and we’re building off of that. We’re returning our honorable mention All-Americans back so we’re excited about that.”
As a senior, how has your outlook changed coming into your final year?
“I’ve trusted the process. A big thing we’ve talked about in our program is buying into the training. With our sprint group, we’ve learned to trust the coaches and the training knowing that it will pay off for us in the end.”
What is your favorite memory surrounding the team?
“I don’t have a specific memory because the little things we do outside the pool are always great to look back on. In swimming, I enjoyed watching Chris Dawson swim at Big Ten’s last year and winning every ‘B’ final that he was in.”
What is your best advice for this year’s freshmen?
“Take care of yourself outside the pool. Sleep as much as you can and pay attention to your diet. Paying attention to those things will pay off big time. Stay positive and stay fun.”
Who has been the most influential person to you since you came to Iowa?
“If I had to pick, there are two people that stand out. Chris Dawson has been very influential to me. In swimming he was a great leader, but outside the pool his lifestyle choices helped me out. Also, (assistant) coach Richard (Salhus) has been a judgment free and understanding coach.”
What made you chose Iowa?
“It was close enough to home, but also far enough away, a beautiful pool, and I enjoyed hanging out with the team on my visits.”
If not swimming, what other sport would you enjoy doing the most?
“I really like rock climbing right now so I’d probably do that competitively.”
Do you have a pre-meet or pre-race ritual?
“I don’t have a set routine, but I try to stay relaxed and keep in mind all the race strategy we go over in practice. I try to keep calm.”
What is your favorite place to be on campus?
“I like the circle between the library and the Adler Journalism Building because I’m able to get food at the food truck and sit outside. It’s pretty there in the fall.”
Favorite meal?
“Buffalo wings from The Vine in Iowa City.”
Who is your favorite person on the team to be around and why?
“I always have fun with the lads — Forrest White, Jack Smith, and Weston Credit. I enjoy being around them and we have a lot of fun messing around.”
Favorite movie?
“The Dawnwall.”
Favorite book?
“I liked all the Hunger Games books when I was in high school.”
What would be your ideal superpower?
“Either flying or teleportation. Definitely not running fast.”
If you could put yourself in any fictional universe, where would you end up?
“The Guardians of the Galaxy universe is very intriguing.”