Q&A With Nick Niemann

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How’s the offseason and fall practice been?
“It has been good. Coming back to camp is exciting. Getting to practice every day with your teammates, working hard, and trying to get better every day. I’m looking forward to the season.”
What are your personal and team goals for this year?
“Personally, I want to try to be better than the day before. That’s my mindset going into the season. Team goals are to be a championship-level football team and come out every week and try to play our best football.”
What’s it feel like to walk out of the tunnel during the Swarm with Back in Black blaring?
“It’s hard to put into words to be honest. It’s a surreal feeling and not many people get to experience it. I’m grateful for the opportunity to do that. It gives you goosebumps.”
What was your favorite moment from last season?
“Finishing the season with a bowl win against Mississippi State. That was a big game for us and to finish the season strong and send the seniors out on the right note was special.”
What’s it like to have your dad on the coaching staff?
“It has been good so far. Since he is coaching the defensive line during practice, I don’t really talk to him a whole lot. It’s fun to have him around from a parent’s perspective, because I never got to see him that much. Now, I can just pop into his office to say hi. It’s cool.”
What was it like to play with your brother for one year?
“That was cool. Not many kids get the opportunity to play college football at this level, but then to have your brother do it on the same team is something that is irreplaceable. It was fun to have an older guy on the team that I could look up to and ask questions or have him lead me.”
If you weren’t on the football team, what other sports team would you want to be on at Iowa?
“That’s a hard question. I played baseball in high school. That was fun, I liked that.”
If you could be on Family Feud with three other teammates and/or coaches, who would they be and why?
“I might take Spencer Petras, he knows a lot of stuff, and he’s opinionated. I feel like he would be into it. Nate Stanley, he’s pretty intense, too.  Then Keith Duncan. He’s my roommate, and he knows quite a bit. He’d probably be a good teammate.”
What’s something most people wouldn’t know about you?
“I’m afraid of heights. Flying actually doesn’t get me, but looking down at something freaks me out.”
What are some of your favorite hobbies outside of football?
“I like to hang out with people. Anything outside is fun like fishing. Video games. Ping-pong. Pool. All that stuff.”
Pancheros or Chipotle?
“Am I getting a burrito or a bowl? I’d probably pick Chipotle.”