Q&A With Derrick Foster

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Can you describe the feeling/or comfort level going into your second season as running backs coach?
“I feel a lot more comfortable and I am excited about it. It has been fun now that I’m settled in and now that my family is settled in. I’ve become accustom to our program and the things we’re doing here at Iowa.”

What are things you are taking away from your first year to help you in your second?
“To be patient. Don’t over analyze things, slow things down, and try to see the big picture. At the end of the day everything matters, but it’s about doing the small detailed things that will help you overcome some of the adversity I faced during the first year.”

Last year Iowa used three running backs. Do you see Iowa using a trio of backs this season?
“Yes, very much so. These three guys are good football players. They’re going to help the Hawkeyes win by any means so let’s find a way to get them on the field.”

What was your New Year’s resolution for 2019?
“Improvement. Improvement. It’s about improvement. That has been our key word in our room, it has been a key word with me to our guys. We want improvement overall. As a team we felt we had to get better in order to play at a championship level.” 

Where is the best place to eat in Iowa City? And why?
“That’s a good question. Man, there are so many different places. That’s a tough question. You can never go wrong with Graze or Stella’s. I appreciate the Iowa the burger from Stella’s, it’s always a good deal.”

What is your favorite TV show or Movie? And why?
“Favorite TV show would be Martin, the sitcom Martin, and Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Those would be my two favorite. Favorite movie would probably be one and two Bad Boys.”

What is your favorite part about coaching?
“The interaction with the guys. It’s not just on the field that you are making a change. You get those guys in your meeting room, sit down and have a conversation with them and see the growth. That’s the favorite part. Having the players call you after they graduate or when they go on with their lives and they call you back and tell you thank you. That’s the best part of my job.”