Why Iowa- A 2020 Recruit's Perspective

“I chose Iowa because of a lot of things. I know that the academics here are some of the greatest in the country. I know that everyone I will be working with will always have my best interest at heart. Another reason is the athletic facilities here are some of the best in the country. I believe that Iowa is the best fit for me to succeed, not only on the track, but also in the classroom.” – Drake Woody


“I chose Iowa because everything seemed like the right fit. It has a great campus, facilities, coaching, teammates, and high competition.” – Ian Geisler 


“I choose Iowa because I really liked the team environment. I felt like the school was a great fit for me and a place where I can succeed.” – Max Murphy


“Iowa seemed like a welcoming place as soon as I stepped on campus. The people there are always kind and the bonds people make there are unheard of.” – Kal Lewis


“I chose Iowa because they have a world-class throwing coach who will help me reach every goal I have, and great teammates who will push me in the ring and the weight room.” – Elijah Barnes


“I chose Iowa because of the great opportunities presented to me. Iowa is a new scene with great people. Iowa is the top school to make me the best competitor and scholar that I can be.”  – Quintin Lyons


“I chose the University of Iowa because it was the best overall fit for me. Iowa is a part of a growing diverse community, with great academic programs. The up and coming track and field program is doing great things. Coach Woody and Coach Wakenight desire not only to make great athletes, but also great people.” – Khullen Jefferson


“I chose the University of Iowa because of the great opportunities it provides. The school had the two things I was searching for in a college. On one side, it has great academics and the major I was looking for, and on the flip side the athletics, which was a huge plus with proven success. The people there were also a factor in the decision because everyone is so welcoming and makes you feel at home. All in all, it felt like the perfect fit for me.” – Jason Hoffman


“I chose Iowa because it feels like a home away from home. I know that I will be able to grow as a person and achieve all the goals I set for myself in the classroom and on the track. The coaching staff and athletes on the team are a family and support each other as such. With the opportunity to travel out of my state and chase my dreams, choosing Iowa was an easy choice for me.” – Everett Steward


“I fell in love with Iowa as soon as I stepped on campus; it just felt like home. The track team has a bond I haven’t seen at any other school. With the help of the coaching staff and the academic resources, I will be able to reach all my goals on and off the track at Iowa.” – Nathan Farrell


“To be No.1, you have to train like you’re No. 2. The University of Iowa is the perfect fit academically and athletically to take me to the next level in my studies and training. On my visit I learned that your comfort zone is a place where you keep yourself in a self-illusion and nothing can grow there, but your true potential can cultivate only when you are able to think and grow outside of that zone. Fight for Iowa.”  – Jenoah Mckiver


“I chose the University of Iowa due to the treatment I received when visiting with coaches, students, faculty, and residents of Iowa City. I was blown away by how much everyone talked so highly of the university. During my college search, I couldn’t find anyone who could say anything negative about the university. The feeling of being part of a family was the deciding factor for me when choosing what school to attend. I am happy with my decision and look forward to my next four years.” – Daniel Klysh


“I have been a fan of Iowa since the day I was born. Any sport that was competing, I was always cheering for Iowa. It feels more like I’ve earned something. That Iowa picked me. I didn’t pick Iowa.” -Jorma Schwedler Jr.


“I chose Iowa because of the strong athletes they produce and the general love for the sport they have. Iowa takes athletes that run times similar to mine in high school and turns them into elite runners. I wanted to join the Iowa Track and Field team to test my limits and truly see how fast I can become. With the chemistry the team has and the coaching, there is no doubt in my mind that Iowa was the right choice for me.” – Evan Schuster