Hawkeyes Start Strong at Soldier Salute

CORALVILLE, Iowa – The University of Iowa women’s wrestling team finished day one of the second-annual Soldier Salute with 10 student-athletes in the semifinals. The Hawkeyes finished the day in first place, accumulating 95 team points.

In Session one, the Hawkeyes went 23-6 in the pool rounds, with 10 student-athletes going undefeated. Sterling Dias started the day off at 101 pounds with an 11-0 technical fall over Whitley Blake of Indiana Tech. She ended her first session with another tech. fall over Life’s Devyn Gomez, 14-4. Ava Bayless came in at 109 with a 10-0 tech. fall over Alyssa Valdivia of William Jewell, followed by another 14-4 tech. fall over Life’s Diana Gonzalez. At 116, Brianna Gonzalez notched two tech. falls defeating Adriana Martinez of Life (11-0) and Riley Horvath of Indiana Tech (13-2). At 123, Bella Ngo earned a 10-0 tech. fall against Emarie Bolosan of William Jewell. Emily Frost followed with another tech. fall, 12-2, against Indiana Tech’s Ellyana Kuzman.

Lilly Luft went 2-0 at 136 to start the day, notching a win against Koryna Diaz of William Jewell, via a 9-0 decision and a 10-0 tech. fall win over William Penn’s Sandra Arellano. Also at 136, Anakya Besco defeated Tarnpreet Soroya of Umpqua, via fall in 5:20 and continued with a 10-0 tech. fall over William Penn’s Alexis Cervantes. Reese Larramendy came in at 143 with a fall over Tatum Levendahl of Dubuque in 1:35. She ended the session earning a 10-0 tech. fall over Texas Wesleyan’s Maryellen Lafferty. At 155, Bella Mir made her season debut with two pins. Mir opened with a fall in 1:35 over Jennifer De La Torre of Umpqua, and followed with another fall in 43 seconds against Indiana Tech’s Cydney Bassett. Haley Ward opened at 170 with a quick 14-second pin against Kiara Meek of Dubuque, and then earned a forfeit over Tiffin’s Tia Leahy.

In Session two, the Hawkeyes put 10 athletes into the semifinals. Dias secured her spot at 101 with a quick 52-second pin over Teya Gardner of William Penn. At 116, Gonzalez followed with a tech. fall over Umpqua’s Taryn Evans, 12-1. Ngo advanced at 123 with a 10-0 tech. fall against Shea Reisel of Dubuque. At 130 pounds, Frost and Baudhuin battled in an all-Iowa quarterfinal. Frost came out on top with a fall in 4:16. Besco downed Victory’s Emma Gruenhagen via a 10-0 tech. fall at 136, and Luft notched a win as well over Mattison Parker of Texas Wesleyan with a 12-2 tech. fall. Larramendy notched a win at 143, pinning Texas Wesleyan’s Jalynn Patino in 1:14. Mir took the medical forfeit over Janida Garcia of Tiffin, and Haley Ward finished the day with her tech. fall over Umpqua’s Zoey Smalley, 10-0. Alivia White also advanced ahead to the finals at 191, where she will meet Jaycee Foeller who is wrestling unattached. Emmily Patneaud, unattached, will face Luft in the 136 semifinal.

“It is great to have 10 of our athletes advancing through to the semifinals. Every time we step on the mat, whether it’s at practice or in competition, our goal is to get one percent better. I am always extremely proud of their efforts and how they carry themselves on and off of the mat. Coming back from winter break and performing the way they did shows how locked in they are. We are excited to be back in action tomorrow.”

The Hawkeyes will wrap up competition on day two of Soldier Salute, tomorrow starting at 11 a.m. (CT). All matches will be streamed on B1G+ (subscription required).


101lbs – Sterling Dias
WIN Whitley Blake (Indiana Tech), TF 11-0
WIN Devyn Gomez (Life), TF 14-4
WIN Brianna Richey (Dubuque), TF 11-0
WIN Teya Gardner (William Penn), Fall 0:52

109lbs – Ava Bayless
WIN Alyssa Valdivia (William Jewell), TF 10-0
WIN Diana Gonzalez (Life), TF 14-4
WIN Arianna Rodriguez (Texas Wesleyan), TF 11-0

116lbs – Brianna Gonzalez
WIN Adriana Martinez (Life), TF 11-0
WIN Riley Horvath (Indiana Tech), TF 13-2
WIN Miranda DiBenedetto (Life), Fall 1:32
WIN Rose Le (William Jewell), Fall 0:46
WIN Taryn Evans (UMPQUA), TF 12-1

123lbs – Ava Rose, DNP
WIN Brittany Cotter (William Penn), Dec. 4-3
LOSS Alexandra Waitsmen (William Jewell), Dec. 6-1
LOSS Isabelle Silva (Indiana Tech), Fall 2:23

123lbs – Cali Leng
LOSS Josie Bartishofski (Victory), Dec. 4-2
WIN Aubree Kuhms (Indiana Tech), TF 10-0
LOSS Alexandra Waitsman (William Jewell), Dec. 8-0

123lbs – Bella Ngo
WIN Emarie Bolosan (William Jewell), TF 10-0
WIN Andrea Hernandez (Indiana Tech), Fall 5:16
WIN Shea Reisel (Dubuque), TF 10-0

130lbs – Emily Frost
WIN Ellyana Kuzman (Indiana Tech), TF 12-2
LOSS Sarah Savidge (Life), TF 12-2
WIN Allie Baudhuin (Iowa), Fall 4:16

130lbs – Allie Baudhuin
LOSS Zainab Ibrahim (UMPQUA), Fall 2:19
WIN Marisa Moffitt (Indiana Tech), TF 10-0
WIN Riley Dalrymple (Life), Fall 1:12
LOSS Emily Frost (Iowa), Fall 4:16

136lbs – Sierra Brown Ton, DNP
WIN Tatiana Bermudez (Tiffin), Fall 0:26
LOSS Mattison Parker (Texas Wesleyan), Dec. 8-0
WIN Annabel Garcia (UMPQUA), Fall 1:28
LOSS Zaynah McBryde (Life), TF 10-0

136lbs – Lilly Luft
WIN Koryna Diaz (William Jewell), Dec. 9-0
WIN Sandra Arellano (William Penn), TF 10-0
WIN Carley Anderson (Indiana Tecn), TF 11-0
WIN Mattison Parker (Texas Wesleyan), TF 12-2

136lbs – Anakya Besco
WIN Tarnpreet Soroya (UMPQUA), Fall 5:20
WIN Alexis Cervantes (William Penn), TF 10-0
WIN Angie Prado (Life), Fall 4:58
WIN Emma Gruenhagen (Victory), TF 10-0

143lbs – Ella Schmit, DNP
WIN Jamilah McBryde (Life), Dec. 8-7
LOSS Athena Willden (William Jewell), Dec. 10-5
LOSS Samantha Snow (Indiana Tech), Injury Default

143lbs – Reese Larramendy
WIN Tatum Levendahl (Dubuque), Fall 1:35
WIN Maryellen Lafferty (Texas Wesleyan), TF 10-0
WIN Maia Crumb (Indiana Tech), 14-4
WIN Jalynn Patino (Texas Wesleyan), Fall 1:14

155lbs – Bella Mir
WIN Jennifer De La Torre (UMPQUA), Fall 2:10
WIN Cydney Bassett (Indiana Tech), Fall 0:43
WIN Erin Martin (Tiffin), TF 10-0
WIN Janida Garcia (Tiffin), Medical forfeit

170lbs – Haley Ward
WIN Kiara Meek (Dubuque), Fall 0:14
WIN Tia Leahy (Tiffin), Forfeit
WIN Katelyn Lewis (Unattached), TF 10-0
WIN Catherine McNulty (Indiana Tech), Fall 1:24
WIN Zoey Smalley (UMPQUA), TF 10-0

191lbs – Alivia White
WIN Jane Allen (Life), Fall 2:14
LOSS Jaycee Foeller (Unattached), Dec. 4-0
WIN Madeline Welch (Life), Fall 2:35
WIN Tiffany Curry (Texas Wesleyan), Fall 2:24


136lbs – Emmily Patneaud
WIN Brooklyn Figueroa (Indiana Tech), Fall 1:14
WIN Mattie Papenthien (Dubuque), TF 10-0
WIN Pella LeFever (Texas Wesleyan), TF 10-0
WIN Emma Gruenhagen (Victory)
WIN Angie Prado (Life), Dec. 7-2

143lbs – Danni Swihart, DNP
WIN Paige Barber (William Jewell), Dec. 8-4
WIN Abigail Miller (Tiffin), TF 12-2
LOSS Naida Abdijanovic (William Penn), TF 10-0

191lbs – Jaycee Foeller
WIN Tiffany Curry (Texas Wesleyan), TF 10-0
WIN Alivia White (Iowa), Dec. 4-0
WIN Madeline Welch (Life), TF 10-0
WIN Jane Allen (Life), Injury default