As a student, having a home away from home is important. There are 10 residence halls at Iowa, each of them offer a different set of amenities. The preferred choice for Field Hockey student-athletes has been Peterson dorm. Peterson is a 10floor facility that is home to a community of 501 residents. Peterson has an extensive amount of study spaces as well as exceptional views of campus and Iowa City. It is perfectly located between the center of campus and the main athletic facilities.  


If you are looking for food, you won’t have to look far. Peterson houses Black’s Gold Grill which serves items such as burgers, brick oven pizza’s and more. Vegetarian and vegan items are also available. Alternatively, you can visit one of the main dining halls, marketplaces, or convenience stores located just over the road at Hillcrest.  


The Campus Recreation and Wellness Center is consistently ranked as one of the most comprehensive facilities in the country and provides all students with an extensive array of options to be active and stay healthy. Parks, hiking trails, bike paths, golf courses, pools, and tennis courts are only some of the countless ways to keep moving on and near campus.  


Iowa City has become one of the primary meeting places for some of the most innovative artists in the world and this is evident wherever you go. Local music venues, cultural festivals, and work-class theaters are only part of this great place.

Iowa City Downtown District hosts a number of events, including Summer of the Arts Festival, Taste of Iowa City, Downtown Block Party, and the Iowa Jazz Festival, catering to music lovers, foodies, art fans, and everyone in between. 



Student Organizations are responsible for the majority of the programs and events held on campus each year. Each organization offers students unique opportunities that will help you stay connected to campus and reach your ultimate goal. There are over 500 student organizations on campus that provide great opportunities and play a vital role in providing a full campus experience.

One great example is the Iowa Dance Marathon. The event is a 24-hour dance marathon that raises money to support pediatric oncology and bone marrow transplant patients and their families treated at University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. The student organization also helps provides year-round support to these cancer patients and their families.