Football Parking

Parking Updates for Sept. 16 vs. Western Michigan

Parking Lots open at 8:30am on Saturday.

Day of Game Public Parking Options: View Map of Available Public Parking

  • Softball Lot: $30 auto, $100 RV
  • Hancher, Hall of Fame & Hawkeye Commuter Lots: free with Cambus shuttle service
  • Newton Ramp & Lot 11: hourly rate
  • FULL – Finkbine Golf Course Lot: $30 auto, $100 RV (grass parking on driving range available for cars only; RVs on hard surface only)
  • FULL – Lower Finkbine Lot: $30 auto, $100 RV (grass parking available for both cars and RVs)
  • ADA Parking:
    • Ramp 4: $30 ADA auto (Sold out to general public)
    • Lot 52: $30 ADA auto (Limited space; must enter off of Hawkins Dr.)


RVs: Season-long parking passes must be purchased in advance through the UI Athletics Ticket Office at a cost of $500. Limited parking is available and spaces are chosen prior to the season based on priority points within membership level.

Lot Opening Times: UI Athletics-managed parking lots will open no more than six (6) hours prior to kickoff and no earlier than 6:00 a.m. on the day of each home football game. Parking on the night prior to home football games is limited to RVs only (Lots 52, 73, and 75S) from 7:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

2023 Contributor Parking map
*Please park in designated parking stalls for all events, not including drive lanes, bus shelters and grass/snowbanks.


Diagram of Public Parking lots
*Please park in designated parking stalls for all events, not including drive lanes, bus shelters and grass/snowbanks.

Finkbine Golf Course $30 Season ($500) $100
Hancher Auditorium Lot (55) Free Free
Hawkeye Commuter Lot (85) Free Free
Hall of Fame Lot (71) Free Free
Lot 3 (Library Lot) SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
Lot 11 (CRCW) Hourly Rate
Lot 52 $30^ ADA ONLY
Lower Finkbine Lot $30 Season ($500) $100
Newton Rd. Ramp Hourly Rate
Softball Lot $30 Season ($500) $100

^ Limited ADA parking in Lot 52. Vehicles accessing ADA parking must enter the lot from the north, off of Hawkins Drive.

Season-long and single game public parking passes may be purchased in advance prior to 12:00 p.m. (CT) the day before each game, subject to availability. To purchase a prepaid parking pass, contact the UI Athletics Ticket Office by either email or phone at 1-800 IA-HAWKS.
Game tickets must be secured through the UI Athletics Ticket Office or authorized outlet in order to pre-purchase a parking pass (limit 1).

Prepaid Availability:

  • Prepaid passes no longer available for passenger vehicles in Ramp 4, Lot 3 (Library), and Lot 65.
  • Season-long RV parking passes are available for the Finkbine Golf Course Lot (hard surface only), Lower Finkbine Lot, and Softball Lot. A prepaid public RV parking pass (GP-RV) will be valid for any of these three lots. Prepaid RV parking is not available for single game purchases.

A parking space is guaranteed for all prepaid parking pass holders in the specific lot or ramp selected and identified on the pass.

Day of game availability will be available in Finkbine Golf Course Lot, Lower Finkbine Lot, and Softball Lot for a fee of $30 for cars and $100 for RVs. Lot 11 and Newton Rd. Ramp are available at an hourly rate. Free parking and shuttle service available in the Hancher Lot, Hawkeye Commuter Lot, and Hall of Fame Lot. ADA parking will be available day of game in Ramp 4. Follow @TheIowaHawkeyes on Twitter for game day updates, including parking lot closures.

  • Accepted Payment: All parking locations will be operated as cashless. Credit cards will be the only accepted form of payment on game day.
  • ADA Parking: Vehicles must display a state issued ADA placard or license plate.

Parking is available on Hawkins Drive, along the northbound lanes. Prepaid passes are required for parking along Hawkins Drive. Space is limited to the first 15 passes sold.

To purchase a prepaid parking pass, email prior to 12:00 p.m. (CT) on Wednesday of game week. Tailgating is not allowed near the bus and limo parking areas. Buses and limos may begin parking on Hawkins Drive starting six hours prior to kickoff, no earlier than 6:00 a.m. and are required to depart within 30 minutes after the conclusion of the game.

For the safety of our fans, the UI Department of Public Safety will be closing Hawkins Drive, directly east of Kinnick Stadium to vehicular traffic two and a half hours prior to kickoff until two hours post-game. Buses and limos are strongly encouraged to access Hawkins Drive from Melrose Avenue before the Hawkins Drive closure.


Complimentary ADA golf cart shuttles will begin two hours prior to kickoff and continue until one hour after the completion of the game. During pregame, ADA golf cart shuttles will pick-up at the locations listed below, denoted with blue ADA Shuttle flags. Due to heavy pedestrian traffic post-game, ADA golf cart shuttles will only be available outside Gates H, I, and M.

ADA golf cart drivers have been instructed to drop-off riders at designated pregame pick-up locations only. Requests for special pick-ups or drop-offs will NOT be honored.

Complimentary Cambus shuttles run continuously before, during, and after the game. The pre-game shuttle service begins two (2) hours prior to kickoff at the four (4) locations listed below. Post-game shuttle service is provided for approximately one (1) hour post-game.

  • Hancher Auditorium Parking Lot (Lot 55):Pick-up is located at the bus stop within the lot and drops off at the bus loop on Newton Road.
  • Hawkeye Commuter Parking Lot (Lot 85): Pick-up is located at the bus stop within the lot and drops off at the bus stop east of Carver-Hawkeye Arena on Elliott Drive.
  • Hall of Fame Parking Lot (Lot 71):Pick-up is located on Prairie Meadow Drive and drops off at the bus stop east of Carver-Hawkeye Arena on Elliott Drive.
  • Downtown Iowa City: Pick-up is at the bus stop on Washington Street, outside of Schaefer Hall and drops off at the Veterans Affairs (VA) bus loop.

Use the Transit App or visit for route maps and current bus locations.

Street Closures / Traffic

Evashevski Drive will be closed to vehicular traffic between Lot 43N Drive and Hawkins Drive.

For the safety of our fans, the University of Iowa Department of Public Safety will be closing Hawkins Drive and For The Kids Way, directly east of Kinnick Stadium (from Evashevski Drive to Melrose Avenue) to non-emergency vehicular traffic two and a half hours prior to kickoff until two hours post-game.

Vehicles wanting access to University parking lots and ramps east of Hawkins Drive (14, 49, Ramp 4) and private residences on and south of Melrose Avenue must approach from Melrose Avenue (eastbound) or from Riverside Drive and up Grand Avenue (westbound). Bus and limo parking on Hawkins Drive and vehicles entering Ramp 3 must enter Hawkins Drive from the north after closure begins (two and a half hours prior to kickoff).

Melrose Avenue will be closed to non-emergency vehicular traffic (westbound) between Hawkins Drive and Evashevski Drive approximately one hour before game time. Post-game traffic on Melrose Avenue will be two lanes westbound, starting from Evashevski Drive and continuing to US-218 . All post-game traffic east of Evashevski Drive will be forced eastbound toward Riverside Drive.

Diagram of football gameday road closures for 2023

All ramps are open at the I-80/I-380 interchange. The multi-year project is nearing completion and fans are able to access all ramps in all directions beginning Sept. 1, in time for the season opener.

Fans traveling to or from I-80 should avoid 1st Avenue (Coralville). The ongoing major construction at I-80 exit 242 will persist all season long. During this time, 1st Avenue will remain one lane in each direction over I-80. This has the potential to create significant delays both pregame and postgame. Signage will be placed along I-80 and on Highway 6 to discourage fans from using 1st Avenue. Fans who need to access I-80 after football games from Kinnick Stadium surrounding parking lots are encouraged to continue straight through the Hawkins Drive/Hwy 6 intersection onto Rocky Shore Drive/Park Road, which ultimately connects to Dubuque Street (turn left to travel north approximately one mile to I-80). Alternatively, fans may access I-80 from Highway 6 via Coral Ridge Avenue.

Traffic is expected to be reduced to two lanes (one lane in either direction) on South Riverside Drive just south of Myrtle Avenue for the season opener on Sept. 2. Fans are encouraged to use an alternate route to avoid delays. It is hopeful all four lanes on South Riverside Drive will be open for Iowa’s home game against Western Michigan on Sept. 16.

Emergency vehicles (both ambulances and individual vehicles) will be let through the security checkpoints to get to the hospital. Indicate to the security personnel that you are having an emergency or need to get to the hospital. For a full hospital map and to learn more about parking, visit Getting to the hospital on football game days.

Suggested Routes Download and Use Waze, a free turn-by-turn GPS navigation app that provides real-time traffic updates and the most up-to-date road closures. Get it on Google Play or the App Store.

  • Main Entrance / Ramps 1 and 2 Access (best option): Most patients and all hospital visitors should follow Hawkins Drive from the north/Coralville to access the main entrance and parking Ramps 1 and 2.
  • Emergency Patients: Follow Grand Avenue from the east and take a right at the roundabout.
  • Labor and Delivery Patients: The best entry is the John Pappajohn Pavilion South Entrance. Follow Grand Avenue from the east and take a left at the roundabout, then an immediate right onto For The Kids Way. Labor and Delivery patients may be dropped off at this entrance. Security will communicate where the best parking is.

Hospital Parking: Non-emergency (patients and hospital visitors) traffic should park in Ramps 1 or 2.
Football parking is NOT available in Ramps 1 or 2.

Contact Information
Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., call:

Monday through Friday, after 5:00 p.m. and on weekends, call:

Policies / Tailgating


  • Friday Night: Parking on the night prior to home football games will be limited to RVs only (Lots 52, 65 and 75S) and from 7:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • Day of Game: UI Athletics-managed parking lots will open no more than six (6) hours prior to kickoff and no earlier than 6:00 a.m. on the day of each home football game. Queuing on the streets prior to parking lots opening will not be allowed.
  • Departures: Following each home football game, RV owners will be allowed to spend the night in the parking lot but are asked to depart from the UI parking lots by 9:00 a.m. the day after the game. Activities in Carver-Hawkeye Arena may require an adjustment in the opening of some parking lots. Please check this page the Tuesday of each game week for any changes to the lot opening and/or departure times.

Only vehicles with a valid football parking pass are allowed in UI parking lots.

  • Golf Carts: Only golf carts bearing a decal indicating approval of use by UI Athletics are permitted in UI parking lots on football gameday. Golf carts without an approval decal from UI Athletics are not permitted and are subject to removal from UI parking lots.
  • Pedicabs: Pedicabs, or any three-wheeled public conveyances operated by pedals and having a cab for drivers mounted behind the driver, are not permitted in UI parking lots on football gameday.
  • Pull-behind Trailers: Travel trailers, “5th wheels”, or pull-behind trailers are not allowed in any UI parking lots except in the Hawkeye Commuter Lot (Lot 85) and the Hancher Auditorium Lot (Lot 55).
  • Ridesharing: Ridesharing services (Uber, Taxi, Lyft, etc.) vehicles without a valid football parking pass are not allowed inside UI parking lots on game days.
  • Oversized Vehicles: Oversized passenger vehicles, which do not fit into an assigned space and have not been approved by UI Athletics, will be directed to the Hawkeye Commuter Lot (Lot 85) or the Hancher Auditorium Lot (Lot 55).
  • Vehicle Definitions: The UI uses the following definitions for vehicles: a car is any car, pick-up truck, or SUV. A recreational vehicle (RV) is any vehicle that includes a restroom.


  • Inflatables / Drones: Balloons, blimps, and other inflatables are prohibited from being flown/tethered from vehicles in UI parking lots. Drones are not allowed without prior permission from the UI Drone Committee.


  • Alcohol Policy: On Iowa football game days only, beer and wine are allowed in UI parking areas. State law prohibits hard liquor consumption or possession of an open bottle of liquor in UI parking lots and ramps. Possession of an open container (including beer, wine, and hard liquor) while walking/driving to University property on the public sidewalks and roads are subject to citation, and the beverage will be confiscated.
  • Bands / Amplified Sound: Live musical bands and other live performances are not allowed at tailgating sites or on campus without prior approval from Iowa Athletics. Amplified music must be confined to your tailgate area and speakers must be directed into your tailgate party. This policy is intended to protect the enjoyment of other fans. Musical tastes and tolerable noise levels vary greatly from tailgate party to tailgate party.
  • Grills / Wood Fires: Liquid Propane (LP) and charcoal grills and LP heaters are permitted in parking lots when temperature warrants, but are prohibited in parking ramps. Please do not place used charcoal, embers, or ash in trash cans, under trees, or leave it in the parking areas. LP grills or heaters are limited to one 20# LP cylinder per device; no spare or additional cylinders will be allowed. Open wood fires or wood fires enclosed in a portable fire pit are not permitted.


  • Use of Space: Automobiles and RVs may park only in designated areas. In order to efficiently use every parking lot, specific locations are assigned for automobiles and RVs. The use of a parking space for other reasons, such as portable grills, game tents, chairs, etc. is not permitted in non-reserved areas. For reserved parking lots, a parking space used for other reasons is only permitted if a parking pass is presented for specific space not used for vehicle.
  • Saving Spaces: Saving parking spaces for other motorists is not permitted in any lot. Parking on the UI campus is on a first-come, first-served basis except in lots with reserved spaces.
  • Travel Lanes / Sidewalks: Tailgating is not permitted in travel lanes on roads or parking lots. Sidewalks on campus are reserved for pedestrian use. No tents, chairs, or other items may be placed or extend into travel lanes or onto sidewalks. Any non-adherence to this policy may result in UI Police officers requiring the tent, tarp, or canopy be removed. There are a limited number of parking spaces on the University of Iowa campus. It is important to make every space available to use for parking. They can also cause tailgate parties to overflow into travel lanes causing a hazard for other vehicles and the passage of emergency vehicles.
  • Tents: Iowa Athletics requires patrons to follow manufacturer recommendations on set-up, tear down, and securing of any tents or canopies; including recommendations regarding the wind speed rating. Depending upon weather conditions, Iowa Athletics may restrict the use of some or all tents, canopies, or other tailgating items or structures. Owners are ultimately responsible for any damage caused by their tailgating activities and equipment, including wind-blown structures.