University of Iowa

Birthplace of the Butterfly

The University of Iowa is the birthplace of the butterfly stroke. It was invented by David Armbruster, head coach of University of Iowa swimming, in 1935 at the Field House.

Wally Ris (USA)Swimmer1948 London
Lincoln Hurring (New Zealand)Swimmer1952 Helsinki, Finland
Bowen Strassforth (USA)Swimmer1952 Helsinki, Finland
Lincoln Hurring (New Zealand)Swimmer1956 Melbourne, Australia
Bent Brask (Norway)Swimmer1976 Montreal
Ricardo Camacho (Spain)Diver1976 Montreal
Brett Naylor (New Zealand)Swimmer1976 Montreal
Randy Ableman (USA)Diver1980 Moscow
Graeme Brewer (Australia)Swimmer1980 Moscow
Ricardo Camacho (Spain)Diver1980 Moscow
Ron McKeon (Australia)Swimmer1980 Moscow
Ricardo Camacho (Spain)Diver1984 Los Angeles
Ron McKeon (Australia)Swimmer1984 Los Angeles
John Davey (England)Swimmer1988 Seoul
Tomasz Rossa (Poland)Diver1988 Seoul
*Bob Rydze (USA)Coach1988 Seoul
John Davey (England)Swimmer1992 Barcelona
*Brad Flood (Poland)Coach1992 Barcelona
Rafal Szukala (Poland)Swimmer1992 Barcelona
Artur Wojdat (Poland)Swimmer1992 Barcelona
Rafay Szukala (Poland)Swimmer1996 Atlanta
Loredana Zisu (Romania)Swimmer1996 Atlanta
Marko Milenkovic (Slovenia)Swimmer2000 Sydney
Marko Milenkovic (Slovenia)Swimmer2004 Athens
Nancilea (Underwood) Foster (USA)Diver2008 Beijing
*Bob Rydze (USA)Coach2008 Beijing
Heather Arseth (Mauritius)Swimmer2012 London
Dragos Agache (Romania)Swimmer2012 London

Wally Ris – 100 free – 1948 Gold
Bowen Strassforth – 200 breast – 1952 Silver
Graeme Brewer – 200 free – 1980 Bronze
Artur Wojdat – 400 free – 1988 Bronze
Rafal Szukala – 100 fly – 1992 Silver


100+ YEARS

The Iowa swimming and diving program celebrated the 100-year anniversary of the program during the 2017-18 season.