Kirk on Minnesota

Nov. 14, 2003

Two nationally ranked football teams will huddle inside historic Kinnick Stadium Saturday for nationally televised game that will impact national rankings and the post-season bowl game line-up. The Iowa-Minnesota game will also determine which school gets to care for Floyd of Rosedale for the next 12 months. Here’s what Kirk Ferentz had to say about the game and the Gophers.

“With this being the last home game for our seniors, it promises to be a special day. We anticipate a great crowd and it will be an honor to recognize this group of players for all of their accomplishments.

“This game will be a great challenge for us. Minnesota comes in with one of its finest teams in many years. Earning a 9-2 record thus far, they came of age last December getting ready for the bowl game. They beat a very good Arkansas team and have been on a roll since that time.

“The Gophers have had great success with their offense and currently lead the country in running the football. They have three outstanding backs, a very good offensive line, and, I really believe, they are led by an excellent fifth-year quarterback, Abdul-Kaliq. He has done a fantastic job running their offense. Defensively, they have made great improvements, and their special teams are playing quite well.

“As for the Hawkeyes, we are all anxious and eager to get back on the field after a disappointing trip to Purdue. We have Floyd of Rosedale at stake as well as the senior’s last home game. It’s been a great season in Kinnick thus far and we’d like nothing more than to provide one final home victory for our fans’ enjoyment. “