Parker on Hawk Talk: It Starts Up Front

Nov. 19, 2003

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Iowa defensive coordinator Norm Parker took questions from Hawkeye fans from across the country on Wednesday night’s Hawk Talk radio broadcast at Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican Caf? in Iowa City.

Hawk Talk, a 90-minute program hosted by Gary Dolphin, is broadcast live to more than 40 Hawkeye Radio Network stations across the state and worldwide on

Here is some of what the assistant coach had to say.

(on flu shots) “I think we got them. I’m not really sure to tell you the truth. From everything we’ve heard, for the shot to really take effect it takes a 10-day period. But I’m not a medical expert.”

(on the defense) “We hope to get in their way and hope they trip over us. The first thing we’re trying to do is get 11 guys at practice. It’s been hard to do. You can’t go out and invent things; you have to play what guys know.”

(on what kind of defensive linesman Robert Gallery would have made) “A big one.”

(on Bob Sanders) “I’ve never been around a guy who enjoys to play as much and plays at such an intense level as Bob Sanders. His ability to strike and hit, pound for pound, I’ve been around a guy like that.”

(on defensive tactics against Wisconsin) “It all starts up front. Our defensive linemen have to whoop their offensive linemen. That opens up other things. Like anything else, we have to shut down the run. You have to make them one-dimensional.”