Johan Bergenas Q&A

April 14, 2004

Who is the best player you have ever competed against?
“My dad. Wow what a player! Up until I was 14 he still beat me even though he never really played competitive tennis. He has the best mental game ever. I give a lot of credit to you dad!”

What is the one area of your game that you would most like to improve on?
“I have been working on a new fist pump. It would be great if I could get that one going the next time I play.”

Bergenas was instrumental in Iowa’s win over Indiana last season with a dual clinching victory in the No. 4 singles match.

What has been your most embarrassing moment on the court?
“Once, when I was 14, I threw my racket over the fence. It got stuck in a tree and the tournament director had to go get a ladder to get it down. My parents were very upset and they immediately left the tennis stadium and didn’t come back until the day was over. Since then I have been very calm on the court. Rarely do you see any outbursts when Johan is playing.”

If you were stranded on a deserted island, which one of your teammates would you like to have with you and why?
Jonny Hoak. He would reach for his cell phone and call his yacht to come pick us up.”

What is something few people know about you?
“On the outside I am a pretty tough and insensitive guy. However, on the inside I am more like a teddy bear. I like hugs too.”

What is the best advice you have ever been given?
“Come on, just go out there and win this match. Said by Matt Brothers in spring of 2003.”

Personal Information
Name: Johan Bergenas
Age: 22
Birth date: January 18, 1982
Sibling (age): Joakim (27)
(a.k.a half man – half amazing)
Major: political science and journalism

Food: Swedish meatballs
Song: Blowin in the Wind
Musical Artist: John Denver
Movie: Lord of the Rings
TV Show: Hardball on MSNBC
Athlete: Matt Brothers