Q-and-A with Jamie Cavey

Feb. 12, 2005

hawkeyesports.com visited recently with senior center Jamie Cavey from Mechanicsville, IA. Here’s a piece of that conversation.

If you could make up a word, what would it be and what be the definition?
“Sholarious. Something that is shockingly hilarious. It makes you laugh an obscene amount. (example — Tiffany and Abby’s jokes are sholarious.)”

If you could be an actress in any movie, which would it be?
“I would want to be Tia Carrere as Cassandra in Wayne’s World. She is hot, all the guys want her, they fight over her, she gets the funny guy, and she plays in a band.”

Who makes you laugh more in movies: Will Ferrell or Jim Carrey?
“Will Ferrell, because he is hilarious in so many ways. He isn’t afraid to be naked with his average to below average body. He doesn’t laugh at himself, although he should. He makes any movie that much better.”

How many times do you think you fell on the court during your collegiate career?
“I’ve fallen a good amount, but I think people are overlooking the fact that Crystal Smith falls just as much, if not more. Although she looks more graceful and she’s really fast, so she gets up quicker. The number is probably in the 200s… if you are only including games.”

If you had a pizza named after you, what toppings would you have?
“I would have chicken, mushrooms, extra cheese, Canadian bacon and alfredo sauce instead of tomato sauce.”

If you could have a superpower, which power would you want?
“Flying superpowers. I’m usually late for things and if I could fly then I wouldn’t have anything to slow me down and I’d have no excuse for being late… on second thought, I would probably want X-Ray vision, for the obvious reasons.”

What is the most unusual piece of food you have ever eaten? Did you enjoy it?
“Down in the Bahamas, I ate conch, from a huge shell. I liked it, there isn’t much food that doesn’t agree with me, except for cooked spinach.”

Where was the worst hotel the team stayed during your four years?
“Some people may say that the hotel in Blacksburg, Virginia, last year was a bad hotel because of the forest behind it and all of the Technitron Sci-fi nerds running around. However, I liked the fact that a wacko might have been hiding out in the woods and I got a shirt from the nice Technitron folk.”

If you could guest star on any game show (past or present), which one would it be and why?
“Let’s Make a Deal. It was amazing! They could give you $500 and then give you the option of door number one or a car behind door number two. And you would choose the car and it would end up being a broken down truck with a goat in the back. It’s the best show ever!”

What will you take from your experiences as a student-athlete at Iowa?
“I will leave Iowa with better friends than I could have ever imagined, some who have graduated and some who still have great years to come. I will take memories of Jenna’s Missouri slang, Tiffany’s traumas, Jo’s tears and smiles, Mo’s booming voice, Lou’s great laugh, Geoff’s hardships, Abby’s love for our country, momma Stacy, Ebone’s polite smile, Vandy’s wit, Jeneé’s girly sneeze, and C’s love for gummies. I will take the neverending love from the coaches. And I will take the unbelieveable feeling that I would feel every time I ran out onto the Carver floor in front of all our amazing fans and how proud I felt to be a Hawkeye.”