Progress Continues at Kinnick

March 9, 2005

Progress is happening at a furious pace on the renovation of Kinnick Stadium on the UI campus and why not? The weather is good, the crew is healthy, and the start of spring football practice is now less than a month away.

The steel supports of the new south grandstand are nearing the southeast corner of the facility with “raker beams” being installed shortly thereafter. In the southwest corner, preformed concrete that will rest on the raker beams is starting to be installed. And, of course, there’s plenty of work at ground level where the floor to places like the new lockerroom for the Hawkeyes is being poured.

A new collection of photographs has been added to HERE, the official world wide web site of the renovation project at Kinnick Stadium. Check back often and follow the progress of the multi-million dollar update to the UI’s historic varsity football facility.