Hawkeyes Win One In Texas

March 18, 2005

The University of Iowa rowing team competed at the 2005 Longhorn Invitational in Austin, TX on Friday.

Iowa’s 1N8+ finished with a time of 7:41.4, beating the Texas Club by four seconds to notch the lone Hawkeye win on the day. In the 1V4+, the Hawkeyes came in second behind Texas with a time of 8:10.2. The Hawkeyes 1V8+ timed a 6:58.9 to finish second behind Texas.

The Hawkeyes will continue competition at the Longhorn Invitational tomorrow.

2V8+1. Victoria 7:17.42. Iowa 7:30.5

1N4+1. Texas 8:49.82. Iowa 9:16.8

1N8+1. Iowa 7:41.42. Texas Club 7:45.4

1V4+1. Texas 8:03.12. Iowa 8:10.2

1V8+1. Victoria 6:50.72. Iowa 6:58.9