Breakin' 'em Down

March 30, 2005

Tom Izzo? Pitino? Weber? Roy?

Just who do you suppose has called Steve Alford the past few days?

He’s not saying, but as Andy Katz writes today on, Alford is arguably the right guy for the coaches of this year’s NCAA Final Four teams to have on their speed dial.

“The word is that Alford knows all about the Final Four. He should. He’s the lone coach to play all four teams this season,” writes Katz.

Alford’s squad defeated Louisville in Hawaii and sent the Spartans packing at this year’s Big Ten Tournament. The Hawkeyes also played the Fighting Illini tough in both of their meetings in 2005.

For Katz’s full story plus Alford’s breakdown on his Big Ten Conference brethren and those other two teams, click HERE.