Holloway, Four Months Later

April 3, 2005

J.R. Ogden, sports editor of the The Gazette, caught up with Iowa’s newest legend – UI wide receiver Warren Holloway – this weekend. The hero of the Hawkeyes’ 2005 Capital One Bowl victory over Louisiana State was signing autographs and visiting with fans of Iowa’s nationally ranked football program at a Cedar Rapids gallery.

“That’s been the biggest joy of it, shaking hands and hearing people’s experiences and stuff, what happened at the moment of ‘The Catch’. That’s always an uplifting thing.”
Warren Holloway in the April 3 edition of The Gazette

“It’s funny how a single moment, a matter of seconds, can change a life,” writes Ogden in today’s edition of eastern Iowa’s largest newspaper.

“Warren Holloway was a member of the Iowa football team before the Capital One Bowl in Orland, a senior wide receiver from Homewood, Ill.

“That was it.

“Little else was known about Holloway, even by diehard bumblebees.

“One catch – The Catch – has changed all that.”

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