Hawks Row Against Big Ten Rivals

April 16, 2005

BELLVILLE LAKRE, MIThe University of Iowa Rowing team competed in eight races today against Michigan, Michigan State, and Wisconsin. The 1V8+ boat was defeated by No.2 Michigan in the morning and No. 6 Michigan State in the afternoon competition. The rowers that competed for the 1V8+ were Vanessa Sheehan, Jessica Mcbride, Lydia McGee, Michelle Trannel, Marije Van Amersfoort, Emily Vail, Carolyn O’Meara, Emily Wagstrom, and Nikki Stob.

No Iowa boat was able to pick up a victory today. The other boats in competition today were N4+, N8+, and 2V8+. Iowa will hit the water next at the Big Ten Championships on April 30, in Bloomington, IN.

Morning Results

Novice Four
Wisconsin 7:47.4
Michigan 8:03.8
Iowa 8:05.0

First Novice Eight
Michigan 6:39.9
Iowa 6:53.4

First Varsity Eight
Michigan 6:34.9
Iowa 6:37.1

Second Varsity Eight
Michigan 6:45.2
Iowa 6:55.6

Afternoon Results

Novice Four
Wisconsin 8:00.8
Iowa 8:09.8
Michigan 8:11.7

First Novice Eight
Michigan State 6:48.5
Iowa 7:05.5

First Varsity Eight
Michigan State 6:18.8
Iowa 6:28.6

Second Varsity Eight
Michigan State 6:41.6
Iowa 7:04.9