Ferentz: Videotapes, Bye Weeks, and a Conversation With Mom

Oct. 27, 2005

Kirk Ferentz told the media Thursday that he’s done his weekly task and sent some videotape to the Big Ten Conference’s director of officiating, is looking forward to being a fan this Saturday, is excited about the last four weeks of the regular season, and that he recently apologized to his mother – all with a straight face.

Ferentz, whose team is enjoying what could be its last bye week – more on that later — said he did earlier this week what he does each week: Send some videotape of the previous game to David Parry, the man who is in charge of officials for the Big Ten Conference.

“We send a tape each week and did so again this week although, admittedly, we might have spent a little more time on this one,” said Ferentz, who was, at times, upset with the officials working Iowa’s game last Saturday against Michigan.

Ferentz said this week’s installment included a “few more angles, including those available on television.”

“However, the game is over. If it’s a windy day, you have to adjust. Same thing with the officiating. If they’re calling it one way, you play that way,” Iowa’s head coach said.

“Your hope is, obviously, that the game gets called the same way for all involved. The analogies, of course, are basketball with how fouls are being called and baseball with balls and strikes.”

Ferentz said he appreciates the communication that he’s already received from the league office and that which will undoubtedly come down the road. “It’s good. Communication is good. As for the tapes, I know David uses them in educational sessions and that’s good, too.”

“It’s in our hands. The good news is we play three teams we could beat. The bad news is we play three teams that could beat us. It’s pretty much all you could ask for.”
UI Coach Kirk Ferentz

Iowa’s head coach will likely find an easy chair on Saturday. All three of the Hawkeyes’ remaining opponents — Northestern (Nov. 5), Wisconsin (Nov. 12) and Minnesota (Nov. 19) — are in action and will be available for his viewing pleasure.

“The players have Friday and Saturday totally off and will likely be fans on Saturday. I’ll do the same. And, I’ll watch with more than a little interest,” he said.

Ferentz said the 2005 Big Ten season is shaping up exactly the way he and his peers said it would back in August.

“To a man I think we said it was going to balanced and dangerous and that’s exactly what we’ve got. It’s interesting for everyone,” he said.

“It’s in our hands,” Ferentz added when asked about his team’s fortunes. “The good news is we play three teams we could beat. The bad news is we play three teams that could beat us. It’s pretty much all you could ask for.”

Now, about that conversation with his mother….

Ferentz said during a conversation with his mom after the Purdue game he asked if she could see what he was saying on the sidelines. Mrs. Ferentz said yes. “I apologized to her. You know, today, cameras are everywhere. But it’s during a game… and she knows I’m a pretty good guy,” he said.

And, about that bye week, Ferentz said he’s optimistic that the NCAA will dig a little deeper with respect to when college football teams will be allowed to play the 12th regular season game that will hit their schedules next year.

Currently, teams have two choices: To play the 12th game during their bye week or after Thanksgiving. Ferentz said he prefers adding the game to the front of the schedule – a choice that is also the one endorsed by his current student-athletes.

“I think the bye week is important for lots of reasons. Teams need a break, a chance to rest and regroup,” he said, noting, too, that neither he or the current group of Hawkeyes are interested in playing after Thanksgiving.

“I’m very optimistic that when it’s all said and done, they’ll review the rule and make a few minor adjustments. I have no doubt that there will be discussion on it and that logic will prevail.”