A Sunny Day...Let's Take Some Pictures

Feb. 15, 2006

Smart construction workers wear hardhats on a construction site. Smart photographers of construction sites choose to take photographs when it is 60 degrees and sunny versus 25 degrees and snowing.

And the latter is why many of this week’s additions to the photo gallery inside kinnickrenovation.com, the official world wide web site for the multi-million dollar renovation of the University of Iowa’s historic Kinnick Stadium are filled with brilliant sunshine – they were taken earlier this week when temperatures soared to the mid-60s in Iowa City, the home of the nationally ranked Iowa Hawkeyes.

Progress at Kinnick is very easy to see. The iron that comprises the skeleton of the center section of the stadium’s new press box is slowly but surely climbing upward. The first level is fully assembled and its concrete floor poured.

More evidence of the progress is available in the restrooms of the southern-most end of the new press box. On the fiirst floor – where persons who will watch the Hawkeyes from the indoor club seat area and others who will occupy the private suites on that level – the restrooms are being readied for the ceiling tile. On the fourth level, the restrooms are just now receiving tile on the walls.

Progress can also be found in the west concourse where the concessions stands at the southern-most end of the walkway are being taking shape now that drywall has been installed. At the northern-most end, work on building the floors to the restrooms are in various stages: no floor at all, the iron beams that will support the floor, and floors of poured concrete.

Other progress is harder to see. The east concourse, for example is still awash in gravel, walls that are yet to be rebuilt to reflect the creation of concessions stands and, at its southern-most end, piles of rubble.

To view the latest additions to the photo gallery inside kinnickrenovation.com.