Hawkeyes Face Big Ten Competition

April 15, 2006

MADISON, WI – The University of Iowa rowing team competed in a double dual today on Lake Wingra in Madison, WI. The Hawkeyes raced against Michigan, Michigan State and Wisconsin.

In the morning session, the Hawkeyes won the second novice eight race in 6:54.8. The first novice eight boat was defeated by Michigan. Iowa finished second to Wisconsin in the novice four race. The varsity rowers took third in the second varsity eight race. They were defeated by 10th- ranked Michigan in the first varsity eight race.

The Hawkeyes returned to place second in all four races of the afternoon session. Iowa was defeated by Michigan State in both the first and second novice eight races. The varsity Hawkeyes were also defeated by 12th-ranked Michigan State in the first and second varsity eight races.

Next on Iowa’s schedule is the Big Ten Championships. Competition will be held Saturday, April 29, on Lake Phalen in St. Paul, MN.


1. Iowa 6:54.8
2. Wisconsin Ltwt 6:58.1
3. Michigan 7:08.9

1. Michigan 6:40.3
2. Iowa 6:54.8

1. Michigan 6:32.4
2. Wisconsin Ltwt 6:39.0
3. Iowa 6:56.0

1. Michigan 6:32.5
2. Iowa 6:37.2

1. Wisconsin 7:53.5
2. Iowa 8:36.7
3. Wisconsin Ltwt 8:53.5

1. Michigan State 7:06.0
2. Iowa 7:07.5

1. Michigan State 6:46.9
2. Iowa 7:04.4

1. Michigan State 6:34.5
2. Iowa 7:02.8

1. Michigan State 6:25.7
2. Iowa 6:36.4