Take Time To Meet Senior All-Star Heather Schnepf

Oct. 25, 2006


1. What was the deciding factor that made you decide to come to school at Iowa?
I came to the University of Iowa because this university had everything I wanted; top program for athletic training, a coaching staff that is the best in the country and would make me a better person and player, the team was like one big family and Iowa Field Hockey has great traditions.

2. Which game sticks out in your mind the most?
I would have to say the Michigan game my sophomore year. It was the 100th win on grant field, we came back from being down 3-0 at half time, I had the game winning assist, and we had 4 defensive penalty corners called on us and we DENIED THEM EVERYTIME!

3. What is one word to describe this year’s team?

4. If you were lost in the middle of Antarctica which teammate would you want to be with you?
Most of the team does not like the cold or the idea of “camping.” I guess I would have to go with Roz or Pfeiff just because I know we would survive.

5. Who is the best cook on the team and what do they cook?
Well I like to think that I am the best cook, I do make a mean salmon dish. But if I had to choose anyone I would definitely pick Kades. Lets just say Kades can work some magic in the kitchen when it comes time to cook.

6. What has been your best experience since being at Iowa?
Being able to be coached by the top coaching staff in the country and having such amazing teammates, we are like one big extended family. It is great!

7. What sport would you play if you couldn’t play field hockey?
Well Tracey always compares me to Marion Jones because of my blazing speed, well of course she is joking and we all know I DISLIKE running but I would love to be playing Lacrosse right now.

8. Where is one place in the world you would like to travel to?
Wherever the next World Cup and Olympics are going to be.

9. How would your teammates describe you?
I am not quite sure how they would describe me…but maybe a competitor, hates to lose, will do anything for the team, fun, sarcastic and last but not least THE QUEEN OF RANDOMNESS

10. Have you ever Googled yourself? What did you find?
Well of course! I found links to some high school, Iowa and US Field Hockey articles, along with some classic pictures.

11. What reality TV show would you be on and how would you fare?
Well I would love to be on Survivor or something and just win big. But for good laughs I would be on Dancing with the Stars. My teammates know I have some great moves (just kidding) and therefore would most likely be kicked off on the first night. But it would be great fun and well it wouldn’t hurt for me to learn how to dance.

12. What is your dream job?
I would love to be the head field hockey coach here at Iowa. Or maybe start a program at Tennessee (Caroline I will be graduating first soo maybe, just maybe)