24 Things they love about Kinnick

Nov. 4, 2006

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For the past two years, workers have hustled to put a classy game face on Iowa’s Kinnick Stadium, preparing the 77-year-old athletic arena for opening day on September 2, 2006. They finished just in time, having invested some 500,000 man-hours to transform the much-loved stadium into a modern venue for 21st-century fans.

People are almost 100 percent enthusiastic in their assessment of the transformation. The grandstands are waterproofed; concourse ceilings are painted; more restrooms, water fountains, and concession stands enable better service; and fans gained a precious inch for each allocated seat in the stands.

Intent on modernizing the stadium without compromising its historic feel, project manager and senior associate athletic director Jane Meyer, 88MA, 92PhD, tips her hardhat to the 24 primary contractors and 63 sub-contractors who laid 800,000 bricks and nailed in 80 miles of studs–along with dozens of other materials.

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