Lickliter, The Teacher

Oct. 25, 2007

Todd’s Media Day press conference | Todd speaks to Talkin’ Black & Gold

IOWA CITY – “If Todd Lickliter taught history or English at the University of Iowa, students might be registering for his classes in droves by now,” writes Jim Ecker in today’s editions of The Gazette.

“Somehow, he makes you feel relaxed and comfortable in his class while filling your head with knowledge and vision.

“He instructs, corrects, encourages, applauds and pats students on the back, but doesn’t baby them. He expects them to do things correctly and not waste time, but doesn’t berate them for failure.

“He’s teaching basketball at Iowa these days. There are only 11 students in his class, so they get lots of attention and a chance to absorb instructions without feeling threatened.”

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