Q-and-A With Abby Emmert

Nov. 12, 2007

Explain how you got the nickname Sukie.
“It came about at the restaurant our team always eats at when we go to Bloomington, IN. It’s a Japanese-style restaurant named Asuka and it’s one of my favorites. I don’t really know why, but a few of my teammates started calling me Asuka – which means flying bird. And I don’t think it’s because of my jumping ability. From there, it got shortened to Sukie which is now also used as a name for my pull-up jumper.”

Can you believe it’s your final season as a student-athlete? What will you miss the most?
“It’s so crazy that this is my last season! I’m trying not to think about it too much, but I know I will be very sad when it’s all over. I’ll miss all of the great times I’ve had with my teammates the most. Whatever we’re doing we’re always having a blast and it will be sad not too see them all every day. I know I’ll stay good friends with all of them after I’m done playing. One thing I won’t miss however is the smell of our practice gear.”

Where is your first vacation going to be after you graduate?
“That’s a difficult question. I have BIG plans for after graduation. At this point I have it in my head that I’m going to go to San Diego to visit one of my roommates, Washington D.C. to visit one of our old teammates – Tiffany Reedy, a reunion in Las Vegas, and hopefully catch another Red Sox game at Fenway. Obviously my bank account won’t allow for all of that, so who knows what I’ll choose.”

What are your plans after you graduate? Would you like to relocate? If so, where?
“Again with those BIG plans. Lately, I’ve been wanting to move out to the East Coast. I loved Boston when I was there a few summers ago. I want to live in a big city for a few years and have the chance to experience something a little different. But when it’s all said and done, I’m just a small town girl – so it could be interesting to see how I do!”

What television show(s) is your guiltiest pleasure?
“Right now I’m in a television criticism class and I absolutely love it. We get the chance to talk about a lot of different shows and what they are trying to achieve with the way they are done. That being said, I’d have to say my guiltiest pleasure would be the new CW show Gossip Girl. I believe it’s based off a book series targeted towards adolescent girls and it’s your usual teen drama with mediocre writing. Still, through all the criticism, it is just so fun to watch! I even have a few episodes on my iPod!”

What did you enjoy most during the team’s trip to Greece over the summer?
“The best thing for me was getting the chance to experience such a different culture. I’d never been out of the United States and to take a trip like that with a bunch of your best friends is something that I will never forget.”

What was your most embarrassing moment these past 3-4 years at Iowa?
“I’ve had a lot of embarrassing moments and some rather interesting stories over my years here. The most recent was probably during one of our games in Greece. I had trouble finding the game clock in such a different gym so when I heard Coach Bluder yell what I thought was `three!’ near the end of the half I took another couple of dribbles and heaved the ball towards the basket. Turns out my hearing is as bad as the smell of that practice gear, and she actually said `nine!’ I had shot the ball from half court with about six seconds remaining in the half. As the Greeks taunted and made fun of me in their language I reminded myself that no one back home witnessed it. Kristi said in the locker room at half time that no matter what else happened that moment made our trip a success.”