Hawkeyes Open Fall At Head Of The Rock

Oct. 13, 2008

ROCKFORD, IL – The University of Iowa women’s rowing team opened its fall season Sunday at the Head of the Rock Regatta. The Hawkeyes were able to race 13 different boats in three different races, with top-10 finishes in all three events.

Iowa raced three boats in the women’s collegiate championship eights. Varsity 8+-A had the best finish for the Hawkeyes, taking second place with a time of 16:16.40. V8+-B finished in 13th place with a time of 17:13.42, and V8+-C ran a time of 17:49.81, good enough for 15th.

The Hawkeyes raced four boats in the women’s collegiate championship fours with their best finish coming from V4+-D. The boat’s time of 18:23.65 gave them ninth place. The other three boats finished in 11th, 12th and 13th places.

Additionally, the Hawkeyes had six boats competing in the women’s collegiate pairs. Sophomores Clara Francois and Jess Novack finished in second with the fastest time for the Hawkeyes (18:25.35). Senior Laura Kanaris and freshman Christine Allingham also had a top-10 finish for the Hawkeyes (ninth) in a time of 18:39.42. The final four boats in the collegiate pairs finished 11th, 15th, 18th and 20th.

“Yesterday provided us with a great opportunity to see how we stacked up against some of the strong teams in the region,” Head Coach Mandi Kowal said. “It was nice to be back in a competitive atmosphere after several weeks of training. We left with some great information about our progress and the improved boat speed.”

The Hawkeyes will continue their season on Nov. 2 at the Southland Regatta in Chicago, IL.

Women’s Collegiate Championship Eights
(Top 5 + Iowa)
1. Wisconsin 15:51.43
2. IOWA-A 16:16.40
3. Wisconsin 16:19.07
4. Minnesota 16:24.17
5. Notre Dame 16:37.47
13. IOWA-B 17:13.42
15. IOWA-C 17:49.81

Women’s Collegiate Championship Fours
(Top 3 + Iowa)
1. Minnesota 17:20.65
2. Wisconsin 17:26.60
3. Wisconsin 17:38.06
9. IOWA-D 18:23.65
11. IOWA-A 18:27.34
12. IOWA-B 18:32.59
13. IOWA-C 18:37.09

Women’s Collegiate Pairs (Top 3 + Iowa)
1. Wisconsin 17:53.59
2. Wisconsin 18:04.31
3. Wisconsin 18:04.44
7. IOWA-A 18:25.35
9. IOWA-E 18:39.42
11. IOWA-C 18:49.74
15. IOWA-F 19:02.21
18. IOWA-D 19:04.97
20. IOWA-B 19:11.29