Penn State 2, Iowa 1

Nov. 6, 2008

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Penn State Head Coach Erica Walsh

“An early goal can completely dictate the game, and that was instrumental in the win.”

“When we won the coin toss and got the win at our back, I thought this was the first break we had gotten in awhile. To push early, get a goal and set the tone was the plan. I told the team before the game that there were three things that were going to affect the game in order, the wind, the emotion and the skill, and I thought that there were portions of the game where Iowa controlled the emotion of the game, and towards the end where I thought their fight and drive was tremendous.”

Penn State Senior Jessie Davis

“I didn’t have time to think about it, which is probably better, because if I had I probably would have screwed up.”

“I think the first few minutes of the game were a little slow, everyone was just trying to get used to the wind, but once we got into the swing of things we connected really well and had possession of the ball for the majority of the time.”

Penn State Senior Zoe Bouchelle

“The wind was a huge factor in this game it was really affecting the ball and how high the punts were going and being able to judge it, just trying to bring the ball down out of the air. I think most of the time we were really just focused on keeping the ball on the ground and not let the wind affect our game.”

Iowa Sophomore Keli McLaughlin

“The way the ball was played to me, I took my touch wide instead of inside and I just gave myself a really bad angle. I went far post but went a little too far post.”

“We were all pumped; we were pumped in the locker room and everyone was just kind of in the zone for the game.”

“If we would have played like that the whole game, it might have been different. Our goal was to come into the game and play the same way all the way through.”

Iowa Freshman Alyssa Cosnek

“Not disappointed, but we didn’t play with the edge we usually play with.”

“First off, it was a great pass by Alex (Seydel), then Steph (Hyink) flipped it up and I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. I just tried to get up for the header and it went in.”

“It was definitely a rough game out there, and we have to go in hard or were going to get knocked around. We have to set the tone.”

“We don’t really think about that (never beating Penn State), we just go into every game trying to beat whoever we are playing.”

Iowa Head Coach Ron Rainey

“Yeah, we had to play defensive the first half, but we had a couple nice chances in the first five minutes. In the second half, we tried three up top and tried to put them under as much pressure as possible. They are the best team in our league the last 11 years and they may be the best team in our league the next 11 years, so I’m very proud of how we played. I was happy with how we responded after every goal, not only their goals, but after ours as well, I thought we responded very well.”

“I liked how we played that last 45 because again, we went to where we were playing a 4-3-3, so we really stretched our defenders to say `you’ve got to win every tackle’. They did very well. The second half ended with them with one goal and us with one goal. We really stretched our players to allow us against an opponent like Penn State to get more attacking chances.”

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