Hawkeyes Compete At Rivanna Romp

Nov. 17, 2008

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA- The University of Iowa women’s rowing team concluded its fall season Sunday at the Rivanna Romp in Charlottesville, VA. The Hawkeyes were able to see good competition before winter as they raced 10 boats in three different races.

Competition began with the varsity eights early in the day, and Iowa placed three boats in the top-20. Boat-A placed eighth in a time of 13:53.30, while Boat-B finished 15th in a time of 14:20.15. Additionally, Boat-C finished 17th in a time of 14:28.90.

Competition continued with varsity fours, and Iowa placed two boats in the top-15. Boats-A (15:51.83) and -B (15:55.45) finished 14th and 15th respectively.

The final competition for the Hawkeyes was the women’s pairs, where Iowa placed for boats in the top-10. Iowa pairs Boat-A found the highest place for the Hawkeyes this weekend (fourth) in a time of 17:13.18. Boat-B finished in an impressive fifth place in a time of 17:24.86. Boat-E finished eighth in a time of 17:51.46, and Boat-C finished in a time of 18:17.12, good for ninth place. Additionally, Iowa Boat-D (11th) just missed the top-10 in a time of 18:35.61.

“I was disappointed with the performance of our crews on Sunday,” said Coach Kowal. “Basically it appeared as `an opportunity missed’. After our strong scrimmage with Virginia on Friday, these results were not favorable. It is clear we still have much to learn and how we rebound from this regatta and head into winter will determine our spring success. Our focus for the winter will be to further develop a strong technical and physical foundation while advancing our leadership skills and unity as a team.”

Iowa will continue to train over the winter months and will return to action March 14 with a scrimmage against Wisconsin in Austin, TX.

Women’s Varsity Eights (Top 3 + Iowa)
1. Virginia-A 13:06.55
2. Ohio State-A 13:10.39
3. Virginia-B 13:30.07
8. IOWA-A 13:53.30
15. IOWA-B 14:20.15
17. IOWA-C 14:28.90

Women’s Varsity Fours (Top 3 + Iowa)
1. Virginia-A 14:48.46
2. Ohio State-A 15:10.67
3. Miami-A 15:15.47
14. IOWA-A 15:51.83
15. IOWA-B 15:55.45

Women’s Varsity Pairs (Top 3 + Iowa)
1. Tennessee-A 16:49.06
2. Duke-A 16:51.68
3. Virginia-A 16:52.76
4. IOWA-A 17:13.18
5. IOWA-B 17:24.86
8. IOWA-E 17:51.46
9. IOWA-C 18:17.12
11. IOWA-D 18:35.61