Iowa 73, Texas San-Antonio 67

Nov. 17, 2008

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Iowa Head Coach Todd Lickliter
“I think we can throw out mostly everything as far as what our team needs to focus on. We’re just really struggling, but I feel like there was no push that was in the wrong direction. I felt that everyone was focused on the right things. I think that as we try and progress, struggling can be a helpful thing because it stretches you.”

On Texas-San Antonio’s Defense
“I think a lot of [the struggling] was my fault, we haven’t been 2-2-1 pressed and we struggled, but as you prepare for the season, you have to prioritize a little bit and it’s hard to go through every scenario. We gave up a lot of turnovers and I was really impressed with their talent and the way they did things and they really put us in a tough spot.”

On Iowa’s problems inbounding the ball
“A lot of it is guys understanding driving lanes and understanding how far you can drive. I thought we reversed the ball to the opposite side of the court too many times when we had a clear driving lane up the sideline and didn’t take it. For whatever reason, we were hesitant, and then we’re in a time crunch and we try and drive it up the middle, not a good option. So we put each other in bad spots just by not knowing how to attack it and I think a lot of it is my fault. We talked about it during time outs but there’s a difference between talking about it and doing it in practice.”

Texas San-Antonio Head Coach Brooks Thompson
On the Hawkeyes tonight
“I can tell you one thing; Coach Lickliter is a great coach. They’re going to pick you apart and they are going to find things and make adjustments on how you guard and really expose certain weaknesses in your defense. That’s going to give them a great chance of winning games, especially since they’re so young. Being able to pick up the stuff that they have is a great compliment to him as a coach, and they have some really good young talent.”

“We really feel as a team and a coaching staff that we didn’t really come out to play tonight. How you come to the University of Iowa not ready to play is beyond me, but I didn’t feel like we were quite focused in. The 2-2-1 defense was a lot better in the second half when our guys really started pressuring and started to get excitement in their feet. You have to give them credit, when we fouled them, 20 of 22 free throws and when you do that you’re going to win a lot of games.”

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