Q-and-A With Kelly Krei

Dec. 2, 2008

What does it mean to play for the University in the same city you grew up in?
“I grew up cheering for the Hawkeyes, and to be able to represent Iowa is a dream come true. Being so close to home allows my family and friends to come and watch me play, which means a lot to me.”

If you weren’t playing basketball, what other sport would you want to be a star in and why?
“I would want to run track. I ran track in junior high and high school and had some success. I also respect the challenge track gives to a person’s mind and body.”

What is your favorite holiday and why?
“My favorite holiday is Christmas. I like Christmas because every year on Christmas Eve my entire family is able to get together. Plus, I always get excited to see what Santa has left me!”

What are you looking forward to most of next week’s trip to the Virgin Islands?
“I am looking forward to getting to play basketball and also having some fun with my teammates and family. I’m especially excited about getting rid of the farmer’s tan that I’ve had for several months now.”

What is your favorite sports memory (or memories) from high school?
“I have a couple of favorite sports memories from high school. One would have to be winning the state championship, in basketball, my senior year. In track, my favorite memory was when my team won the Sprint Medley at the Drake Relays my junior year.”

If you were a superhero, what type of superpower would you want as your trademark?
“Invisibility. I feel you can get a lot accomplished when no one is looking. Also, it would save me the hassle of having to put a uniform on.”

Where is your favorite place to eat in Iowa City?
“My favorite place to eat in Iowa City is La Casa, but unfortunately La Casa is closing their doors on Saturday.”

How would you describe yourself on the court? Off the court?
On the court, I like to run the floor, I feel most comfortable when I am able to run. Off the court, I am usually pretty quiet, but I like a good joke now and again.”

What television show(s) is your guiltiest pleasure? What makes it such?
“I really enjoy watching America’s Funniest Home Videos. The show really has no point, but I’m usually laughing so hard my eyes tear up.”

What has been the biggest change for you from high school to college?
“The biggest change for me has been the physical level of play. I have to rely on body positioning a lot more now than I had to in high school.”