Q-and-A With Kristi Smith

Dec. 8, 2008

What was your favorite sport to watch during last summer’s Olympics?
“I had to hop on the Michael Phelps bandwagon for sure. He even inspired me to go out and buy a pair of goggles and take up swimming. After a week and a half, I gave up on ever becoming an Olympic swimmer.”

What’s your favorite thing to do in Colorado?
“I enjoy doing fun stuff up in the mountains, especially snowboarding and hiking. Camping with friends is always a good time, too. After season a few of us are planning a trip up to Colorado for a little Rocky Mountain fun.”

What was your favorite part of the trip to the Virgin Islands?
“My favorite part of the trip was just hanging out with my teammates and getting to know everyone a little bit better. Watching Chuck Evans bust a move on the safari bus was phenomenal, our late night team swim session in the ocean, and the entire journey back to Iowa City are a few things I will never forget.”

Can you believe you have started your senior year? What are your plans after this spring?
“I have no idea. If I have the opportunity to go overseas and play for a year I might look into that or I might just go to graduate school back in Colorado. Hopefully one day I will figure out what I want to do with my life, but right now I’m just trying to live in the moment and enjoy my last year of college.”

How intense is the rivalry between Iowa and Iowa State?
“Very intense. There’s definitely some built up aggression and I would like to beat Iowa State for all of the Iowa girls on my team. Wendy and Nicole get very intense the week of the Iowa State game and I just feed off of their energy.”

What has been your most embarrassing moment(s) since your freshman year?
“I’ve answered this question once before and my answer hasn’t changed. My most embarrassing moment was freshman year when Niner and I were riding doubles on her moped and we managed to get into a little accident. That’s all I’m going say about it.”

Do you have any impulse buys when you are at the store?
“Absolutely! I have a little obsession with buying perfumes. I don’t know why but I have like 15 different kinds of perfume. Another one of my impulse buys is food from Chipotle, I usually eat there 2-3 times a week… good thing I have a high metabolism.”

Which celebrity would you want as your partner if you were on Dancing with the Stars and why?
“David Beckham. I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t make it past the first round, but at least I would get to have one dance with him.”

Do you have any nicknames?
“I have quite a few. Smitty, Smee, Tiny Tot and K. Smith is the most common. Niner has a nickname for me, but it’s not the most appropriate name, so I’ll just keep that hush hush.”

What do you listen to or watch the most on your iPod?
“I listen to a lot of different types of music. Mostly R&B, Hip Hop, Pop and Alternative. Country is about the only genre you won’t find on my Podski. Oh, and Podski is my iPod’s name in case you were wondering.”