Postgame Quotes

Dec. 9, 2008

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Northern Iowa Head Coach Ben Jacobson

“We’ve taken a bigger step back tonight than we have all season. For the most part, this team had done a good job of getting better every week.”

“We got some baskets inside then their guards went down to make sure we got the ball out of there. They changed the way they defended but I didn’t think we were quite patient enough to go back inside.”

“We let the fact that we missed a couple jump shots, a couple chances… I think we let that affect how we defended once they took the lead in the second half. I thought our guys competed hard, but that stretch when they took the lead, our offense wasn’t going and they let it get to them on defense.”

“I thought we had some transition opportunities in the first half, and in the second half we didn’t have many, largely because they made some shots. We weren’t as good defensively in the second half as we were in the first. They did a good job collapsing around our big guys, too.”

“They’re going to be much better. They have more guys that can handle it and a number of guys that make three-point shots. As they gain more experience, they will be a better team. They already are, but certainly much better than a year ago. Their unselfishness is the key. That’s something you can really build on and I think they’re doing that.”

Iowa Head Coach Todd Lickliter

“I thought this was a good test for us for. The final score was not indicative of how competitive it was and it was tight all the way through. Northern Iowa is a team that tests you and I thought in the first half they had control a lot. But I thought we had terrific play off the bench. Jarryd (Cole) was very good off the bench defensively for us and so was Aaron (Fuller). Coming off the bench we didn’t necessarily show points but we played good defensively. Our guards figured out the appropriate help they needed and that is what learning is about. We encountered good things and good players tonight and I thought it was a hard fought victory.”

“They are a good team and that required us to play as well as we did. They play solid defense and part of the win was the lack of turnovers and part of it was making good decision and that’s important.”

“I thought at times we had breakdowns in the first half and I thought 22 points was a good number. We were not as efficient as we should have been. They are difficult to defend and luckily we caught two or three things and made those adjustments and that is part of playing the game.”

“He is very poised and patient. I think Matt (Gatens) is probably very comfortable with his role and with what he is doing. He is getting open shots and taking them and I think maybe I should look at getting him more open shots from now on.”

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