Q-and-A With Lindsey Nyenhuis

Jan. 27, 2009

You interned with Fox Cable Networks last summer. Who was your favorite celebrity or celebrities you met?
“It would definitely be a toss up between Lauren Conrad and Paris Hilton, and I must add, Paris is actually a very sweet girl. I met them both at the MTV Movie Awards, which were held conveniently across the street from my apartment at Universal Studios. I was always very surprised by how short the celebrities I met were in person. They look so much taller on television and I felt like a giant, especially when I met Tila Tequila, who had 3-inch heals on and still didn’t come up to my shoulders.”

Nicole VanderPol said you are her favorite comedian. Where do you get your inspiration?
“I appreciate that Nicole is a fan of mine, however, I don’t see myself as a comedian. I’m really not that funny. I’m simply outgoing, loud, arguably obnoxious, and I say what’s on my mind regardless of how inappropriate it may be. When you combine those four things, people either laugh or roll their eyes and walk away. Ha! I’ve been referred to as many things in my life, but a comedian? Well, gee wiz, that’s GREAT!”

If you could be on any T.V. show, which one would you choose?
“I would definitely say the Ellen Degeneres Show. However, in my farfetched ideal world, I would have my own show. I envision my show as a combination of Punk’d and Chelsea Lately. I think I would call it Just Watch. It would be a talk show regarding celebrity gossip infused with my own hidden camera stunts performed on the streets of Hollywood. Keep your eyes open for it; I’ve learned anything is possible.”

What are your plans after you leave the University of Iowa?
“As far as my plans go, I have an inkling, but I don’t have a clue. I `m not quite over L.A. and I would like to work for Fox if the opportunity presents itself. I would also love to work for the Big Ten Network and work in Chicago, as well. I’m a Midwest girl whose family means the world to her, and I don’t know if a permanent move to L.A. is conducive to the life I want, but I’ll never know unless I give it a shot. I also want to write a book at some point in my life titled, Walk in Like You Own the Place; `No’ is a Figment of the Imagination. Maybe Oprah will put it in her book club!”

What movies do you enjoy more, dramas, comedy, chick-flick, horror, dramadies, animation?
“I am proud to say that Nicole and I are the queens of chick-flicks. In fact, I’m really going to miss crying in the movie theaters over the newest Kate Hudson chick-flicks with Nicole. We’ve seen them all, and I am afraid that I will never get married because I expect my relationships to pan out like they do in those types of movies. And realistically, no man is going to stop traffic in New York City to profess his love for me. But if you know someone that will… call me!”

Your friend Gina Glocksen from American Idol is singing the national anthem at your last regular-season home game. How excited are you?
“Senior Night will be a tough night for the five of us seniors. For me, it is important that I have my friends and family at the game because they have been overwhelmingly supportive of my career over the years. To have Gina at the game means the world to me and I am so excited to share with her the best fans college sports has to offer, our Hawkeye fans. Gina is an insanely talented singer and I know that people will be blown away. So, if you’re and `Idol’ fan, or know anyone who is, COME JOIN US FEBRUARY 26th!”