Hawkeyes Place Fifth In Central Regional

May 17, 2009

OAK RIDGE, TN – The University of Iowa rowing team competed in their respective finals of all five events in Sunday’s Aramark Central/South Regionals. The Hawkeyes placed seventh out of 22 teams in the overall team standings and fifth out of 13 teams in the Central Region standings with 241 points. Iowa scored more points than they have in the last five years, and improved their final ranking from last year by four positions. Virginia placed first overall with 387 points while Michigan won the Central Region with 348 points.

Iowa’s best finish came from the 1V8+ boat who won the petite final in a time of 6:11.7, recording 126 team points for the Hawkeyes.

“I thought the varsity eights rowed solid and put together a very good race,” said Head Coach Mandi Kowal. “They took control of the race around 750 meters in, and maintained a solid lead to the end after challenges from Louisville and Minnesota.”

Kowal also commented on the second varsity eight’s solid performance, which scored 78 team points with a second place finish in the petite finals. They finished the final in a time of 6:28.4, only 1.3 seconds behind Notre Dame’s winning boat.

“It was a very good race, their best of the season. At one point, they were a boat length down to Notre Dame and made a strong move at the end, but came up short,” said Kowal. “Still, we were pleased with how they rowed and the race they put together as a crew.”

Iowa’s varsity four boat also put a strong performance together and placed fourth in the 1V4+ petite final in a time of 7:22.8. Iowa’s open 4+ boats finished fifth in their respective finals. Iowa’s open 4+ A boat finished the petite final in a time of 7:17.5 while the open 4+ B boat finished the C final in a time of 7:20.73.

Kowal was also happy with her team’s focused mentality throughout the weekend.

“I was proud of how they approached the weekend, taking one step at a time,” added Kowal. “This was a very strong and fast field, and I thought the team handled the weekend well. We are not exactly where we would like to be, but are moving in the right direction. The momentum is contagious and exciting.”

Selections will be announced May 19, for the participants of the 2009 NCAA Rowing Championships.

1V8+ Petite Final
1. IOWA 6:11.7
2. Louisville 6:13.7
3. Minnesota 6:16.1
4. UCF 6:20.1
5. Notre Dame 6:24.1
6. Kansas State 6:25.5

2V8+ Petite Final
1. Notre Dame 6:27.1
2. IOWA 6:28.4
3. Minnesota 6:31.6
4. Tennessee 6:32.1
5. Texas 6:35.1
6. Louisville 6:43.9

1V4+ Petite Final
1. Wisconsin 7:00.9
2. Michigan State 7:01.6
3. UCF 7:11.7
4. IOWA 7:22.8
5. Indiana 7:26.1
6. Louisville 7:27.2

Open 4+ Petite Final
1. Notre Dame A 7:03.6
2. Duke A 7:05.4
3. Virginia A 7:06.7
4. Michigan State 7:11.4
5. IOWA A 7:17.5
6. Clemson B 7:23.3

Open 4+ C Final
1. Duke B 7:09.53
2. Kansas 7:14.63
3. Indiana 7:17.73
4. Notre Dame B 7:18.13
5. IOWA B 7:20.73
6. UCF 7:30.23

Overall Standings (Top 5 + Iowa)
1. Virginia 387
2. Michigan 348
3. Ohio State 328
4. Wisconsin 321
5. Michigan State 320
7. IOWA 241

Central Region Standings (Top 5)
1. Michigan 348
2. Ohio State 328
3. Wisconsin 321
4. Michigan State 320
5. IOWA 241