Walthall: Acropolis is 'Amazing'

May 29, 2009

IOWA CITY, Iowa – Summer is vacation season. And, as we all know, vacations or any kind of travel is tiring. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that, when given the opportunity, assistant coach Chad Walthall and other members of the University of Iowa men’s basketball team opted to sleep in or simply lay low for a good portion of their day in Athens.

“Hi from Athens! Today is Friday. We had a chance to sleep in a little bit today!” Walthall wrote in his blog.

`We have been on the go from day one and it was nice to relax a bit this morning. We played Dukas Club team from Athens at noon at a private elementary school. The facilities were amazing and hundreds of young boys and girls came to watch the game. They were so loud!! It was a great environment as they cheered both teams but were certainly louder for the home team. In the end, we made many new friends with how the players competed and conducted themselves and we came away with an 85-72 win.

`After the game it was mayhem, as all the kids came down to the floor and were asking (or yelling!) for autographs from our players. The guys were high fiving, smiling, laughing and greatly appreciative for all the enthusiasm for American basketball players. I even was asked for an autograph!? My wife could not figure that one out? Me either! After the game we had the opportunity to have some down time. Some went shopping and others went to have some lunch or just relaxed by the outdoor pool, which overlooks the amazing Acropolis.”

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