Foreign Tour - - Player Questionnaire

June 3, 2009

Name your favorite food item or meal on the trip:
Devan Bawinkel: ABC Club Sandwich (with crab meat) at Devani Hotel, with unbelievable strawberry smoothie.
Andrew Brommer: Pasta in Rome
Jarryd Cole: Italian pizza
Aaron Fuller: Pizza, their pizza is unbelievable
Matt Gatens: The spaghetti and freshly squeezed orange juice, first night in Italy
Anthony Tucker: Pizza and spaghetti in Rome
John Lickliter: ABC Club sandwich from Devani Hotel in Greece, included crab meat

What will be your first meal when you return home?
Devan Bawinkel: Crab Rangoon/orange chicken/brownies and chocolate chip cookies
Andrew Brommer: Wings
Jarryd Cole: Cereal
Aaron Fuller: Cheeseburger, or anything with buffalo or hot sauce
Matt Gatens: Something at Bob’s Your Uncle or Wig & Pen
Anthony Tucker: Breakfast at McDonald’s<,br> John Lickliter: Boneless wings

What was the highlight of your sightseeing, and why?
Devan Bawinkel: Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain in Rome; beautiful and great hang out spot
Andrew Brommer: The Sistine Chapel
Jarryd Cole: The Sistine Chapel, it is a beautiful piece of art
Aaron Fuller: Sitting on top of the Acropolis looking down on Athens. It looked unbelievable at night
Matt Gatens: St. Peter’s Basilica, it is massive with incredible art work
Anthony Tucker: Seeing the Vatican, because of its history
John Lickliter: Sistine Chapel, truly amazing

Was there any American song, or saying, that you heard over and over?
Devan Bawinkel: “Halo”, by Beyonce
Andrew Brommer: “I can have this, yes?”
Jarryd Cole: “I can have this, yes?”
Aaron Fuller: A lot of American music, nothing that I heard over and over
Matt Gatens: Many Beyonce songs
Anthony Tucker: “Halo”, by Beyonce
John Lickliter: “You play basket”?, mostly directed at Jarryd Cole

Name your teammate most likely to survive another week abroad, and why?
Devan Bawinkel: John Lickliter, he really seemed to enjoy himself, and then he went to Poland to visit his brother
Andrew Brommer: All of us, it wasn’t hard at all
Jarryd Cole: John Lickliter or Devan Bawinkel, because they tried all the custom food, like octopus
Aaron Fuller: John Lickliter, because he seems to love the food more than American food
Matt Gatens: John Lickliter, he really enjoyed the Greek seafood
Anthony Tucker: John Lickliter, he liked all of the food that other people didn’t
John Lickliter: Devan Bawinkel – – he tried all the foods

What is one thing you learned about a foreign culture that you had not thought about?
Devan Bawinkel: The people drive crazy. Italy has the best fashion in the world
Andrew Brommer: Everyone told me how small things are there, and I didn’t believe it until I saw it for myself
Jarryd Cole: Their driving habits and how chaotic it is, but they manage to make it work
Aaron Fuller: People dress very differently, and it’s easy to be recognized as an American
Matt Gatens: The thought of being on a small Greek island amazed me; the privacy would seem to be fun
Anthony Tucker: One thing that shocked me was how early a lot of shops closed. The would only be open from like 12-4 each day
John Lickliter: Compact cars; they park on sidewalks or anywhere they can find

Name the best purchase you made on the trip?
Devan Bawinkel: All the purses (four) and wallets (two) from the street vendors
Andrew Brommer: A painting for me Grandma
Jarryd Cole: A necklace for my Mother
Aaron Fuller: I was able to talk a street vendor down to 10 euro for a Burberry belt.
It’s probably fake, but you can’t tell from a distance
Matt Gatens: A scarf with team name of Champions League soccer final
Anthony Tucker: Manchester United vs. Barcelona flag
John Lickliter: The old 35 mm cameras I found in Poland, very cool

Were you able to keep up on sports news happening in the US, what did you follow?
Devan Bawinkel: Not really, tried to keep updated on the NBA playoffs
Andrew Brommer: I tried to follow the NBA playoffs
Jarryd Cole: I tried to keep up with the NBA playoffs
Aaron Fuller: I was easily able to follow soccer, but had to rely on others to keep up with NBA playoffs
Matt Gatens: Some, NBA playoffs on internet or CNN, and the Cubs on the internet
Anthony Tucker: All of followed the NBA conference finals
John Lickliter: Not very well, some info from people in the group about the NBA playoffs

What was the best basketball experience that was part of the trip?
Devan Bawinkel: Winning two games. Winning never gets old and is addicting
Andrew Brommer: Winning! And a winning record!
Jarryd Cole: Just having the opportunity to see a different style of play
Aaron Fuller: Seeing the kids storm the court after last game, asking for autographs and jerseys, even thought they didn’t know us
Matt Gatens: Getting to play games with the team; winning the third game (Dukas), then having all their fans wanting our autographs after the game
Anthony Tucker: Playing against the Greeks teams
John Lickliter: The team bonded together, and all the screaming elementary school kids at the last game

What are the best things you personally, and your teammates, can gain from this trip?
Devan Bawinkel: Everyone is closer and learned a lot about each other; memories of a once in a lifetime trip
Andrew Brommer: Being closer as a group and I believe we have done that
Jarryd Cole: How close it brought us together; that we can compete with anybody; that I’m the best bowler on the team
Aaron Fuller: Being appreciative of 24 hour stores and restaurants. Stores close really early there
Matt Gatens: Being able to learn and experience the many things we’ve never seen and may never see again; building great team chemistry
Anthony Tucker: We got to play against great competition in a completely different environment
John Lickliter: I feel closer to the guys and I feel the rest of the team feels the same way; great experience

Who is the first person you will call when you can use your cell phone again?
Devan Bawinkel: My fiancé
Andrew Brommer: My Mom
Jarryd Cole: My Mom
Aaron Fuller: I will definitely call my Mom and Dad
Matt Gatens: We call the guy taking care of our dog so we can go get her!
Anthony Tucker: My Mom
John Lickliter: My girlfriend, Leah.

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