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Nov. 21, 2009

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Iowa Player Quotes

Christian Ballard

On the win
“It feels good. The whole week Coach Norm kept talking about the difference 10-2 and 9-3. And now that we are here, it is very special and very meaningful. We put a lot out. We are just looking for that number 11.”

On going to a BCS Bowl
“I feel like we had a very tough schedule playing some top notch teams on the road. We played at Ohio State, at Penn State and at Michigan State. They’re all good teams. We lost our starting quarterback, but didn’t miss a beat the next week. We came out today and showed what our defense can do. Hopefully people see that and know that we are a Big Ten contender and we can play with anyone in the country.”

On Iowa’s defense
“A lot of it goes to our seniors; Pat Angerer and A.J. Edds, they are like our glue, and we live through them. Along with Adrian Clayborn, they are our leaders. They shined today and they deserve all the glory.”

On the goal line stand
“This isn’t the first time; we did it at Michigan State too. Today we just knew we could limit the end zone and give a little spark to our offense. We responded and put out the fire. That is something we tried to do the whole year. That was great example of that.”

Derrell Johnson-Koulianos

On winning 10 games
“It feels awesome, what a great season and a great way end. The defense played amazing, as good as they have been all year. We struggled on offense, but we are a team and what more can you ask for.”

On why Iowa’s offense struggled
“I think that Minnesota had a plan. They’re approach was to get after James; they blitzed us all day from all kinds of ways. When we tried to stop it one way, they came at us another way. All day it was a cat and mouse game as far as protection and blitzes. They did a pretty good job, but we were able to overcome it with our great defense.”

On key offensive plays
“We made a few plays when we needed them, when we needed them most, we made them. The defense played amazing, that really has been the story of our team this year.”

On possibly playing in the BCS
“I can’t wait to find out where we go. We played amazing defense all year and we’ve done enough on offense to get it done. Hopefully we get Rick back for the bowl game and put a game plan together for that and just leave it all out there for wherever we go.”

“To play, I don’t know who, someone around the country who is supposed to be one of the superior teams in the country would be a fun challenge.”

Pat Angerer

On the goal line stand
“It was pretty cool. Our job is to go in there and put the fire out. I think we did, and we put it out early.”

On getting a win on Senior Day
“Obviously anytime you can beat Minnesota is pretty good. They are a great team. Especially to get a win in your last game in Kinnick means a lot.”

On if he feels like the team deserves a BCS bowl bid
“We did all we can do. We are 10-2 and whatever happens, happens.”

On the key to forcing incompletions
“The biggest key is our defensive line; they have played such great football. They put a lot of pressure on the quarterback. Guys were doing a good job jamming receivers.”

On his backup Bruce Davis, and his play
“He has been doing a good job all year. Troy (Johnson) came in too and did a great job. Those guys were really impressive. We were kind of beat down, and it just shows that if one guy goes down someone else will step up.”

Adam Robinson, RB

On having to leave due to injury
“I had gotten into a rhythm in the first quarter and second quarter. It was tough sitting out. I trust the trainers and the coaches and they made the best decision to keep me out. It feels fine now.”

On the physical play of Minnesota
“I was not surprised by it. They are a Big Ten team and that is how the conference is, it is really physical. We knew they were going to come in and compete and be a tough opponent. They did just that and we had to play a tough 60 minutes.”

On possibly playing in the BCS
“I think we do deserve it. We have played hard all year. We came away with 10 wins and that is pretty prominent. The team deserves it.”

Minnesota Head Coach Tim Brewster

“Obviously, it was a heartbreaking defeat. If you look at the numbers, our defense played extremely well. They played better than extremely well. Offensively, we had opportunities we couldn’t capitalize on and didn’t take advantage of. In a big game like this, taking advantage of the opportunities you get is the key to the game. That was the story of the football game. I couldn’t be prouder of our football team, period. They came in here and fought their absolute guts out. We had an opportunity to win the game and didn’t quite get it done. It hurts, it stings, it’s all of that, but again, these kids played their guts out today.”

On Iowa’s fourth-quarter goal line stand
“Iowa is in the top ten in defense in the country. They’re an outstanding defensive football team. A lot of the problems that we had today, offensively, were certainly a result of the Iowa defense. We had opportunities against an outstanding defensive football team to make some plays that we didn’t make and we need to make those plays when they present themselves. But again, I give great credit to Iowa’s defense. Their whole defense is excellent. They’ve got as good a front four as there is around. They play well in coverage.”

On assessing his offense overall
“The consistency we’re looking for is not there. The fact we lost our best player, Eric Decker, and that we didn’t have Brandon Green today in the passing game hurt us. Not having that experience on the field. We had some very good offensive games this season, and we had some poor offensive outputs. Am I pleased? No I’m not. We’re going to continue to work to get better and do the things you have to do to get better, offensively.

On battling frustration

“It’s tough, when your defense is playing as hard as they’re playing and doing the things that they’re doing. Again though, we knew what we were getting into today. Iowa is a great defensive football team, top ten in the country. They didn’t get there by accident. They got there because they’re really good. We weren’t as good as we needed to be offensively.”

On regaining confidence going into the bowl game
“We just have to keep going to work. We have so many young kids playing. We had a lot of freshman receivers playing today. We have a lot of young guys that have to continue to grow and get better. We just have to continue to go to work, every single day, to continue to improve and get better. I promise you this much, when you have a group of kids that works like our kids, fighting and working, they’re going to get better.”

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