Post-game Quotes

Dec. 1, 2009

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Iowa Head Coach Todd Lickliter

Opening Statement…
“We played a really well coached team, I’ve always been impressed with Seth’s teams and have the utmost respect. His team that went to post season play was a bubble team last year and went to post season play in NIT and advanced, I think they were mostly juniors. That was a good team. I’m not into moral victories I want to win. We had them down one late, and just couldn’t get a couple back-to-back plays.”

“You know, my thing with this team has been improvement and to continue to grow and accept tough situations. We are going to have plenty of tough situations this season. This is a great group of guys. They play the game the right way and if they keep doing it, not by luck, they are going to make things happen. This is really a fun team to coach and I’m really disappointed for them. They’ve worked hard; two teams were going at it pretty good today.”

On Free-Throws…
“We need to get to the line. We only went to the line ten times. Last game we shot 18 so we have to be able to score from the line.”

Virginia Tech Head Coach Seth Greenberg

Overall thoughts on the game…
“I thought that it was a really hard fought game. The Hawkeyes are a superbly coached team. They have very good, young players and we were very fortunate to win. We made that big three to give us a little bit of breathing room, but I love their young players. They can shoot the ball and they finally have a facility that can help them recruit to this place. I know exactly what Todd’s (Lickliter) going through because it’s a tough process of building a program. Everyone wants it to happen overnight, but if you want something that will last through time, it’s a process and that team is going to be really good.”

His thoughts after Iowa went up with six minutes left…
“Well we scored out of a timeout. We were fortunate enough to score a bucket out of a timeout. We contested shots. They have such good ball movement off penetration but we contested shots, came back and got rebounds. We also came up with that 50-50 ball in the trench which is really important, being the first to the floor.”

“That was a very good win because that team plays hard and they’re going to be very good. They’re just young. I’m happy we’re playing them now and not a year from now.”

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