Post Game Quotes

Jan. 31, 2010

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Head Coach Lisa Bluder

Opening Statement
“This win feels very good for us. It gave us the opportunity to play Purdue again on national television. The first time we played them we did not play well. We did not have a healthy Kamille and that hurt us. I love the balance that we had today, five people in double figures and two people with double doubles. Gabby was one rebound shy of a double-double. We did a great job, defensively, on the boards. We did not shoot the ball well today; we did a really good job defensively. The crowd was fabulous, they really turned out today. The girl scouts turned out and a lot of other people that really helped us with this victory today. Thanks to them for showing up.”

Defense Intensity
“I thought we really intensified our defense this time around. I’m really happy with the rebounding. We have 17 offensive boards and we out-rebound them pretty well. That was a huge difference for us. We kept our eye on their shooters and knew where they were all the time. We had the benefit that Purdue had to play three games this week. That’s not easy to do; we’ve been on the other side of that many times. It’s nice to be on the positive end of that for once.”

Post Play
“We spread the court a lot better this time and got the ball inside to them. They shot the ball extremely well. Morgan did not miss until her last shot. They rebounded well. We gave them more opportunities to get the ball to them. We continue to improve on that and keeping the floor spread out really helps us get the ball inside too.”

Purdue’s Rayburn
“Whenever you say a player `only had 15 points,’ shows how much respect you have for that player. She’s a great scorer. We gave that job to Kachine today and she did a really nice job. She still ended up with 15 points but she had to work extremely hard for those points. She didn’t get a whole lot of easy looks like we gave her at their place.”

21, Kachine Alexander

Difference from last game
“Mentally we changed our focus after the last Purdue game. After that game we were really down mentally. We had the skills, but we had to change mentally. We did that against Illinois and we kept rolling from there. You get a win under your belt and your confidence goes up a lot. You get a second one and you just keep rolling.”

“Getting together as a team and knowing what we have to do. Our leaders stepped up to help out the freshmen. At that time we were on a losing streak, and it’s hard for freshman coming in to know that we still have a lot of basketball left to play. So we had to get them back on track and start from there.”

50, Gabby Machado

More Confidence
“Yes, you can tell. Our whole momentum about winning and becoming a better team is coming up.”

On the game
“The assistant coaches and I talk about not thinking about anything when I go in the game. I guess I think too much when I play, so I just relaxed a little bit.”

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