Road Trips, Movie References, Country Music?! Oh My!

Feb. 4, 2010

Iowa tennis fans will be able to follow members of the Hawkeye tennis team as they blog about the 2010 season . The Iowa student-athletes will discuss the Hawkeyes’ upcoming matches, road trips and what it’s like being a student-athlete at the University of Iowa.

IOWA CITY, IA – After our first weekend of competition, we knew we still had some work to do before we would be ready to compete at our highest level. We put up a good fight against Notre Dame, but came up just a little short in a couple of matches. We rebounded well after our match with the Fighting Irish, swinging our way to a victory against Eastern Michigan. Since then, we have been practicing hard and getting ready for our trip to Kansas. (Hopefully there are no tornadoes that take us to a strange land.)

Practices have been tough: lots hitting and lots of conditioning. We are doing our best to get ready for the upcoming conference season. Our next match is going to be against Kansas University, followed by Kansas State. This is going to be our first road trip with coach Dougherty. I hear she likes country music; that might be a problem! I’m sure we can work something out though.

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