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Feb. 10, 2010

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Northwestern at Iowa
Postgame Quotes

Northwestern Head Coach Bill Carmody

“We just got smacked. They just started making shots right from the beginning and their good shooters were getting the ball. It was like we disregarded the scouting report on [Devan] Bawinkel. We picked other guys to guard tight leaving him open and he’s a terrific shooter. I thought they out-competed us. They were more physical than we were. Iowa deserved to win, they played 40 minutes of very good basketball.”

“We were careless. We started up with a man-to-man defense, didn’t have much success, and then we went to the 1-3-1, but a couple of our guys just didn’t seem like they came ready to play. We were out of position, and Iowa took advantage all the time. It’s a credit to them, they’re playing hard and playing well. We knew it was going to be a tough game.”

“When our center doesn’t score, we don’t get any production out of the middle, and its trouble for us because then it’s just ring-around-the-rosy. If we make them then we make them, if we don’t then we don’t. Last time on the road at Minnesota it was the same thing, we got nothing out of our centers and it’s hard to win games, especially on the road, that way.”

On Iowa’s improvement throughout the season
“We were talking before the game that they’ve really improved. We played Ohio State and were never in the game and Iowa played them and hung in there. Iowa has a bulldog mentality and some very talented guys. They’re trying to weather the storm and they’re getting better and better. If young guys care, work hard, and are talented, they’re going to improve.”

Iowa Head Coach Todd Lickliter

Opening Statement…
“After watching and scouting Northwestern, I’d like to say that I’m very impressed and they’ve earned the praise that they’ve received. I think that Bill [Carmody] is a terrific coach and they play really good basketball. With that said, I thought our guys were very in tune. We were there on shots and it seemed like we made them play from the perimeter more than they were used to in the past. It seemed like they made it inside more when we were scouting, so I want to praise my guys for working hard and trying to take that away. It’s not easy. I think in their last game against Indiana, they had 25 field goals on 21 assists and 12 tonight. They are just an excellent passing team, so I thought I guys were very in tune. We got production off the bench. Andrew Brommer, Devan Bawinkel and Brennan Cougill, all gave us very good production off the bench and our starters were equally in tune. I think there’s a lot to be said about guys who don’t give up and persevere. We’ve been playing good basketball yet being disappointed and they don’t get discouraged. We finally played good basketball for a long period of time, which is obviously a necessity against this good Northwestern team.”

On tonight’s shooting…
“What you really look for is if they’re getting good shots. They’re not always going to go in. We’ve had some pretty good looks in the past, they just didn’t go in. And we didn’t get discouraged, but it is helpful when you make shots; that’s for sure.”

About facing multiple zones throughout the game…
“They were taught very well, too. Devan [Bawinkel] was beautiful against the zone, but we had to find him. Eric May hit two big threes. Fuller had another really good night and they all made plays. The pass that Matt [Gatens] made coming across the lane when he found Jarryd [Cole], I thought, was a really nice play. We all made, what I would call ‘good basketball plays’, but we could have been a little more crisp.”

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