Post Game Quotes

Feb. 18, 2010

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Coach Lisa Bluder

Opening Statement
“We played another really good first half. Our offense is clicking; defensively I think we surprised them a little bit. The two areas I’m most happy about are rebounds and turnovers. We asked our team to concentrate on rebounding and taking care of the ball. They responded in both of those areas, we only had 11 turnovers tonight. I love the double figures and the balanced scoring we have going on right now. We shot the ball well. Even though we shot the ball well from three, we had more paint points than they did. That’s really good to see. Another good win and now on to Northwestern.”

Blocked Shots
“You don’t go into a game expecting a lot of blocked shots. Morgan has done an outstanding job all year with blocked shots. She’s 6-5, but she uses her height so well and goes up straight. A lot of players have a tendency to swing through and volleyball spike the ball and draw fouls. When Morgan blocks a shot, often times they stay in bounds or she blocks it back to herself because she goes up so straight and doesn’t swing at all. She has great technique. I didn’t go in the game thinking that Morgan was going to get that record.”

Offensive Cuts
“At the beginning of the game we were getting high percentage shots. We were getting right hand layups because we were hitting our cutters coming off some nice back screens by Morgan. We always talk about watching our cutters; we started the game doing so tonight.”

Halftime Topic – Keeping Lead
“When I went into the locker room the players had already talked about it. Yes, we reminded them, but that shows what kind of leadership we have on this team. They are already talking about the right issues and taking initiative to learn from past games. With any team you want to grow as the year goes on. I think this team has made enormous growth. Does that mean you are going to regress at times? Yes. We are going to make mistakes. That happens in the game of basketball. Consistently not making them and making less of them is important. We’re doing that right now.”

12, Morgan Johnson
Blocks Record

“It’s an exciting opportunity for me. It’s my job in the paint, especially when we’re in zone defense, to stop penetration and I do that by blocking shots.”

21, Kachine Alexander
Learning from Illinois Game
“I would say so. Coach really stressed that at halftime. We knew that this was our time to show everyone that we have learned our lesson to stay focused. I think we really did that tonight. “

2, Kamille Wahlin
Winning Streak

“It’s been exciting. I can’t really explain the feeling; just that it’s been a lot of fun. We’re all getting along and coming to practice ready to work to get each other better. We’re all kind of goofy and having fun. That’s the best way to explain it; we’re having fun being around each other. ”

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