10 Questions With Allen Reisner

June 29, 2010

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A handful of University of Iowa football players met the media Tuesday, June 29, in the Player’s Auditorium inside the Hayden Fry Football Complex. Hawkeye senior tight end Allen Reisner answered a few questions for hawkeyesports.com.

Coach Ferentz is almost apologetic about playing you during your true freshman (2007) season. What do you remember about that initial playing time?
Reisner: Obviously it was scary because I was just a freshman. I was just coming out of high school and there were all these guys that were older, three, four, even five years older than me. Since I was new here it was a frightening experience I’d say.

Obviously you have developed physically since that first exposure on the field as a collegian. What are some other ways you have matured since then?
Reisner: My football smarts have matured a lot and especially with being around Tony (Moeaki) and Brandon (Myers). They showed me the ways of tight ends and the offense and things like that.

You were raised just up the road from Kinnick Stadium. Describe the feeling of representing the Hawkeye fans.
Reisner: I feel like I can really relate to them because growing up, I’m probably like a lot of the fans: blue collar, working hard to earn our money and spending our money wisely… that’s why they come to our Iowa games and we really appreciate that too, but I can really relate to them.

What would make this an enjoyable senior season for you?
Reisner: Just for our team to excel and exceed past our expectations.

Who are some people that have impacted your career the most?
Reisner: My high school coaches in football and basketball. They really influenced me to play sports through high school, and just watching older guys when I was younger compete. I just knew that was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

How do you want to be remembered by the Hawkeye fans?
Reisner: Just as the guy that came out there and maybe didn’t get all the stats, but worked his butt off a lot and everyone liked watching him play.

What particular plays or games will stick out as you look back on your career?
Reisner: Obviously my first catch against Indiana; not only because it was my first catch, but it was also my birthday, which is really sweet. The two-point conversion against Illinois; that was a big play my sophomore year and just plays like that.

How beneficial was that playing behind Tony Moeaki for all those years?
Reisner: It was great because Tony is doing a lot now and he really understands football. He really understands the concepts, and being behind him, watching him and then having him teach me his ways really, really helped.

No Iowa team has ever won a bowl game in three consecutive years. You have that opportunity this year. Your thoughts?
Reisner: Well, obviously we would like to keep doing that. I mean that’s the reason you go to a big-time university, to play in the bowl games, and obviously to win them too. We’re hoping to do that.

As a tight end in this system, which is more rewarding, a pancake block or a reception leading to a first down?
Reisner: I would say a reception for a first down because it keeps the play going, but a pancake block is huge on film when the coaches and other players see it. They’re both great.