10 Questions With Jarryd Cole

July 21, 2010

Hawkeye senior Jarryd Cole answered a few questions for hawkeyesports.com

You had surgery on your knee after the season. How has the rehab been going, what have you been able to do and has it been hard not being able to practice and play in the PTL this summer?
Cole: “Everything’s going really well. Everything’s going according to plan. I’m not able to fully play five-on-five yet, but I can fully work in at things. I can do weightlifting, I can do some running and some jumping, but nothing too strenuous. It’s not frustrating, but it would be good to be playing right now just to get that feel back. I haven’t played organized basketball in a couple months. It’d be good to get that feel back, but there’s no rush right now and I’m in no hurry. Coach is the same way, so whatever he wants right now is what’s going to happen and I’m just trying to be patient.”

Not being able to play in the PTL this summer, you have been in attendance supporting your teammates and watching. Who has really impressed you?
Cole: “I really like what our freshmen are doing. Our freshmen are definitely holding up their end of the bargain. They’re producing out there and all of the veterans are taking every game seriously. That’s what we need to be doing right now, taking every type of play seriously and they’re doing that really well. I feel like everyone is pulling in the same direction and we’re trying to be on the right path right now, so we can start the season off right.”

How do you feel you have grown as a player and as a person the past three years at Iowa?
Cole: “It’s most definitely taught me that whenever you’re thrown the curveball, you have to hit it. Things haven’t been the most ideal situation here, but I can’t change that and nobody else can change that. It’s taught me that not everything’s going to go your way and everything’s not going to be all gravy, you have to sometimes go through adversity. Definitely with my knee, and then the coaching situation and everything, it’s definitely taught me a lesson that everything isn’t always going to be easy.”

What’s it like being around Coach McCaffery and his coaching staff?
Cole: “I really like them. They’re a group of honest guys first and foremost. I really do like that they communicate really well. We’ve had a few impromptu meetings here lately and coaches just like to get some things off their chest. They’re not going to sugar coat anything and I really like that, that’s what the guys need to here and it’s going to help us out a lot during the season. Communication is really important and they have it down.”

Are you excited about Coach McCaffery’s up-tempo style of basketball?
Cole: “Oh yeah, up-tempo is fun for everybody. It’s fun for the coach, it’s fun for the players and it’s fun for the fans. It’s what people want to see. I think that’s what Gary Barta put as one of the main focuses for getting Coach McCaffery into the head coach job, the fact that he’s a running type of coach and that’s what the people want to see. He wants to get people in these seats you know, and I think that’s definitely going to get the job done. It’s just going to be exciting. We have a lot of guys who want to do this and it’s important to have guys that want to be here and want to buy into a philosophy in order to be successful. I think it’s going to start this year and hopefully move on into the future.”

Iowa’s roster will again be dominated by underclassmen. Does that put any added pressure on you as the lone senior to be a leader?
Cole: “No, no pressure at all. All the guys want the same thing I want, so it’s not like I have to drag along a bunch of babies, nothing like that. We’re all pulling on the same rope right now and that’s all it takes, a bunch of guys moving in the same direction at the same speed. We’re going to get these guys caught up and they’re going to have to learn pretty quickly and on the fly, but I think they’re going to get it done.”

What parts of your game do you want to see improve this season to better help the team?
Cole: “I wouldn’t say anything too specific, but there are definitely things I can improve on and there are things I’m going to improve on. Things are going to have to improve in order for us to be successful, I do believe, and it’s not just me, everyone knows it’s a team effort. We’re all doing our part in order to advance ourselves to help the team. I think that’s going to be beneficial to our team.”

How has school been going and what are your plans following graduation with your English degree?
Cole: “School is going really well. I’m taking one more summer class until the end of July then I’ll be done. The funny thing is, I also took a table tennis class earlier this summer and it was a lot of fun. It was early in the morning, but a lot of fun.”

“After school, I definitely want to continue playing basketball first and foremost. If I don’t do well at any camps, I’m going to try and get an overseas gig and see how far that takes me. I definitely want to stay in the game of basketball as long as I can and I’m going to do whatever I can to do that. After basketball is over I plan on being an English teacher. Maybe I’ll get my teaching license and also be a high school basketball coach. That’s what I want to do, I want to be able to give back to the kids and also be around the game that I love. I think teaching would allow me to do that.”

You recently celebrated a birthday this week, do feel any older, wiser?
Cole: “22, I think I’m hitting a crisis actually. I’m on the downhill!”

There is a rumor that you are a pretty good bowler, how did you get to become such a good bowler and what is your best score? When is the last time you bowled?
Cole: “I guess I’m not too bad. I like to bowl a lot, but I haven’t been lately. I think the last time we went was when we had Bryce Cartwright, our JuCo transfer, on his visit. We went bowling one night and he actually beat me. I don’t know if you want to put that in the paper, but he definitely beat me two out of three games.”

How do you like driving a Lincoln Signature Series town car and do you plan on keeping it after you graduate?
Cole: “I like it. People get in and they it’s like a boat on wheels. It’s definitely a boat to maneuver, but I’ve had it since high school so I think I have it down. People in Iowa City definitely know it’s me when I’m coming through, there’s not that many of those out here. I definitely plan on keeping it as well, I like it too much to sell it.”