10 Questions With Eric May

Aug. 3, 2010

What parts of your game have you been working on this off-season?
May: “I have been getting into the gym trying to work on my ball-handling and shooting because on Coach McCaffery’s offense I’m going to get put into a position of more of a guard and a three position so I’m going get more of an opportunity to take it to the hole and shoot different types of shots than last year.”

How much can you bench press now and can you bench more than Jarryd yet?
May: “We haven’t done bench pressing maxed out yet. Jarryd’s still got me I think, actually I’m positive he’s still got me. He was about 50 lbs more than me last year and we haven’t been doing as much bench pressing this year.”

What is playing in your iPod right now?
May: “Kid Cudi right now and a couple weeks ago I was listening to some country, some Darius Rucker. I got Cully and Archie to start listening to some country so I turned them on to some country actually.”

How has the transition been working with the new coaching staff?
May: “It’s been good. We have gotten to spend a lot of time with them in the gym through camps and stuff. I’m really excited to get started with these guys.”

What’s it going to be like turning 20 years old? Do you know you share a birthday with Coach Ferentz, is that pretty cool?
May: “That is cool. I had no idea that I shared the same birthday as him. Hopefully, I will get a card from him. There is nothing significant about 20 years old but it’s a birthday so you know I’m exciting for it.”

You had a lot of highlight-reel blocks last year. How much satisfaction do you get rejecting a shot and Is there an art to blocking?
May: “Satisfaction is just making the plays. It’s exciting to make the block and any other type of play. Anyone will tell you that’s it’s exciting to make a play. The most important thing about blocking is timing. Having the right footwork and timing your jump for the right time.”

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How anxious are you for the completion of the Carver renovation project?
May: “I’m very anxious. They have us moving around like crazy. We can’t play on our own court right now with the renovations but I can’t wait for it to be done so we have somewhere to practice all the time, whenever we want.”

What’s the inspiration behind wearing #77 at Prime Time League?
May: “There is no inspiration at all. If you ask my mangers about it they can tell you the full story. I had my number down as 7 because I like Brandon Roy and I didn’t want to be the same number as during Hawkeye season. I’m not going to name names but one of our managers went into the office and put a 7 behind my 7. I didn’t know I had 77 until I showed up at Prime Time. It originally was 7 so I’m not like some offensive lineman. The reason is the mangers punked me.”

Do you have any pre-game superstitions?
May: “No not really. I think in high school I used to have a 5-hour energy but I’m not sure if that’s that good for you. So now it’s just our pregame shooting around but nothing too serious.”

You list your favorite restaurant as any steakhouse… what is your go-to steak and how many ounces? If you had to pick your favorite steakhouse, which would it be?
May: “I have never been to Joseph’s and I really want to go. I don’t really have a favorite right now but I like Texas Roadhouse because of the roles they give you before the meal. I like a sirloin, medium and I get the biggest sirloin they’ve got. That’s usually how it goes on the training table.”

You like to go to amusement parks. What are your favorite rides and which park is your favorite?
May: “Cedar point is my favorite park in Sandusky, Ohio. Not many people know about it, but it’s actually has five of America’s top 10 roll coasters. My favorite one is the Millennium Force.”

Have you ever tried to hit a golf ball, Happy Gilmore-style? What is your best score in a round of golf and what course was it?
May: “I don’t like to keep score in golf. It’s a lot of work for me. Yes, I have tried to hit a golf ball Happy Gilmore-style and it didn’t work out very well. I think the head of the club might have fell off so I don’t do that very often. I usually just golf in Dubuque at the Meadows Country Club. I don’t know my best round but I hope it’s still to come.”