10 Questions With Andrew Brommer

Aug. 16, 2010

How exciting is it to see all the construction going up around Carver and knowing next August you and your teammates will be able to enjoy and take advantage of the renovated facility?
Brommer: “It is really exciting! They said it will be done by August of next year, so I will get to use it my senior year. It’s just exciting seeing that come to form.”

Which teammate or teammates have you been impressed with this summer, playing pick-up games or at PRL?
Brommer: “I am impressed with every one of my teammates. Everyone is working hard and the new coaching staff is really emphasizing working hard and we are just really taking that to the fullest and working hard.”

You drastically improved you free-throw percentage last year… is there anything you did differently to improve your stats or just a lot of practice?
Brommer: “Just practice and confidence. If you have those two things, it works out for you.”

What has it been like working with the new coaching staff? How excited are you about this season?
Brommer: “It’s great working with the new coaching staff and I am really, really excited for next season! In fact, everyone on the team is ready to go. I think we are going to do great things this year.”

What aspect or aspects of your game have you been working on the most this off-season?
Brommer: “My all-around game; shooting, rebounding, finishing around the hoop and the whole mindset thing.”

Which of your teammates would you consider to be the team “comedian”, the player to lighten the mood and get the guys laughing?
Brommer: “All of us are funny in our own ways. But, if I had to pick one, I would go with Jarryd [Cole] or Eric [May].”

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What have you learned the most as a player the last two years?
Brommer: “The Big Ten is the real deal, and you really have to put in the time and the effort to be successful. Right now, we are all working hard to be successful in this league.”

There is not a lot of depth in the front court this season. Do you feel like you will need to contribute more and also stay out of foul trouble to help the team succeed?
Brommer: “Yeah, I am trying to better myself so I can help out next season. I do need to stay out of foul trouble, but I am just working hard to better myself so I can help out the team.”

What have you been able to do outside of basketball this summer? Any fun trips or hobbies to get away from basketball?
Brommer: “It has been pretty much basketball all summer, and that is totally fine by me because I just want to improve each day and help the team.”

Entourage is one of your favorite shows. The new season has started, so what do you think so far and who is your favorite character?
Brommer: “Yeah, my favorite character would be Ari Gold. Each episode, I want more out of that episode. I don’t like how short they are, but oh well, that’s life.”

Teams in the Big Ten return a lot of talent. Does that give you extra incentive to work hard knowing you will be playing against some of the top players in the country every game?
Brommer: “Well, you just want to work hard no matter what the competition is because you want to better yourself and better the team and be the best that you can be.”