Iowa-Penn State Quotes

Oct. 2, 2010

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DE Adrian Clayborn

On 3rd and goal at the two yard line
“It was crazy. I don’t know who go the tackle. We had the wrong call on it and just happened to make the tackle. It was a real big play. We tried to come up with something and we were able to stop it.”

On liking playing Penn State
“Yeah I do. It’s like playing Iowa (in practice). They play hard-nosed and it’s kind of like playing at practice. You just have to get after it.”

On being 4-1 and conference opener
“It feels good to get the win. We beat three teams we should of beat and we lost to Arizona. We figured this was the game to see where we were at.”

On the win in general
“It feels good going into the bye week 1-0 and if we would of lost it would have been a horrible two weeks. We are just glad we got the `W’.”

QB Ricky Stanzi

On being favored over Penn State
“There is no room for having that mentality against a team like Penn State, especially with the way they are coached and how consistent they are each year. Being favored and all that stuff doesn’t even really enter into our talks when we talk about how we want to prepare for a team any week. You don’t want it to be about the outside looking in. It’s about how well we can prepare for each team. We had to prepare very well to play against Penn State. We did what we had to do and we got the win.”

On the passing game working the first half and not so well in the second half
“I think we were calling some different stuff. We were trying to run the ball and establish that a little bit and we just went away from what we were doing early on. I think we could have taken that a little bit more if we wanted to but we were trying to do some other things.”

DT Christian Ballard

On his tackle on Penn State’s fourth and goal play
“When I hit him, I hit him in front of the goal line, so I didn’t know if he (Bolden) got the ball stretched out or not. I didn’t know what they were going to call there. I just tripped him up at the last second and made the play.”

On momentum from holding on fourth and goal
“Whenever you stop a team like Penn State who has a ton of athletes and is very well coached, it’s a big momentum boost. The offense can feed off that, and the defense can feed off it. It was really important that we got that stop.”

On holding Penn State to 54 yards rushing
“Our main policy on defense is to stop the run like that. That’s always what we want to do. We got some pressure on Bolden there, too. That’s the type of defense we want here in Big Ten play.”

WR Marvin McNutt

On opening Big Ten season with a victory
“Any win here is a big win. It never matters by how many points. It was a solid overall team victory, and we’re going to be pleased going into a bye week with a 1-0 record in conference.”

On jumping out to a quick lead
“We saw some things out there that we were able to exploit and take advantage of. From there, the defense really played extraordinary and came through in a lot of situations to make sure we kept that advantage.”

On the second half
“Penn State obviously plays great defense. They’re not going to let us do what we want to do on offense all game long, so they changed some things and made it tough. We just came up with enough offense to get a big victory, and we’re content with that.”

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